Beautiful women of Bollywood (27 Photos)

These women and more at bannedinhollywood.

  • Carter


  • 2bigithurts

    Not too bad.

  • pork buns

    Some of these girls could drain my bollywood.

  • Yadda

    I see skin color discrimination is alive and well…

    • Color Discriminator

      Wait, what? Please, elaborate.

      • indian sucks

        in india, dark skin is considered ugly.
        women tend to use products to lighten their skin.

  • Trynadad

    Bollywood seems to be getting more original that hollywood these days, and now aparently hotter as well.

  • Prem

    Hi like the site , its good ,

  • davey

    but can they belly dance?

  • atwell

    Who is 7??

    • psycho_freak

      7 is ayesha takia…

    • Guttervillle

      Ayesha had taken some hormonal injections, to increase her bust size to ‘D’ shape

  • nisud

    indian girls have pretty faces, not so nice ass.

  • Bob

    Nice though they'll want to marry before you get any action.

    • theex

      What's with the defeatist attitude?
      You know the saying: "Where there's a willie, there's a way."

    • Guz

      I'm ok with that!

  • beatles

    @bob-righty rite ,These are nothing compared to north indian girls (gorgeous) but too sad they dont buy acting business and #7 is ayesha takia

  • Mirror Man

    I wish they didn't photoshop out the nips on # 20.

  • MiPo1977

    I'll be back in the Rosie Jones post if anyone needs me…

  • johndory

    #6 mmm the hips

  • Squidr

    #20 Damn you photoshop, removing nipples. 😦

    • Gandalf..

      that's actually skin color bra inside..Leaving rest to imagination..

  • Benny Lava

    I need a bun to bite!

  • USAGringo

    Take it from an experienced white boy, not meaning any disrespect but Indian women can be the most Beautiful, sexy women in the world. If you have never been fortunate to date one, you have missed the boat!

    • douche

      it smells like curry and plastic surgery in here

  • JonnyDanger

    I bet there is a lot of "bushiness" around the down stairs mix up

  • JJE

    think i prefer bollywood over hollywood 🙂

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    Who is # 7 Please!

    • Beau Young

      Way to read, dude. Two posts, hours ago, both said who she was. It's Ayesha Takia.

    • HANK

      7 sux…Do want 8 tho

    • Indian from India

      Her name is Ayesha Takia. Not a very successful actor tho!

    • bollyfan

      Thats aisha takia, she's also number 23

  • Beau Young

    Ok, I'm obviously gonna have to be the racist here. Do they all smell like curry?


      They may not smell like it, but they all taste like it!! yummy!!

    • Phil


      And curry is delicious, anyway. I'd love to eat their "curry"

      • Beau Young

        Lol, I was hoping to start a bigger flame war than that. Oh well. Maybe next time.

    • Indian from India

      Since ur obviously being racist, i guess u ARE obviously expecting matching answers! So here it is!

      NO they dont smell of Curry you white piece of shit! lol

      (Ok seriousyl Im just messing as u are! See I LOVE white bitches too!!!!) 😛

  • BigDingo


  • Skedaddle to Seattle

    Wow. Great post. Props to #6,7,17 and 24. YOWZA!

  • PewPew

    And this is why I married a gal from India!

    • top dog

      Yeah but did she marry you?

      • PewPew

        Ha-ha. Eight years now. She even gave me a son!

        • Gandalf..

          i think congratulating now would be bad will it…?xD

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