Daily Afternoon Randomness (40 Photos)

  • Batgimp

    Come on people, who's #40? Share the wealth.

  • hossmank

    #13 and #40. A+ I love the beautiful Asians!

  • tst4eko

    I see that Spiderman has been very good for Mr. Lee.

  • Neena


  • Skedaddle to Seattle

    Look at her hand in the foreground: she's made of rubber….not human, but a mail order doll. I think.

    • doobie brother

      nope, look at her hands, way too natural

  • Skedaddle to Seattle

    Look at the hand/arm in 13/14. She's made of plastic/latex/rubber. You can have her delivered UPS. I think.

  • Bob

    33 is awesome.

  • ronnie

    If 13# really is a doll, as some here say, Im putting up a savingsaccount tomorrow

  • 1iJack

    #39 why are there no buttons with the #4? No 4th floor, no14th floor or 24th floor?

    • gavburger

      It is probably an elevator from Asia, where 4 is unlucky. The word for "4" is very similar to "die" in Mandarin…

  • You Know Who

    #35 – make up or not, I'd still hit that

  • hmm

    19 was cool and made me lol'd too bad it was followed by one of the most stupid ads ever.

  • breathingart

    13 she's underage

  • :-)

    Who's the guy chatting with Freddie Mercury?

    • Matt

      Michael Jackson

  • equalizermax

    I have sex with my girlfriend without paying her, so what's the big deal?

  • Mr.Ripley

    Im in Beijing right now. No one knows what Engrish is here.

  • Steve

    #32 Congratulations, you must be so proud. Keep the tee shirt forever; frame it and pin it up on the wall of your trailer.


    A GUY?

  • Eddie Najera

    thats not her left boob.. look closer..

  • Ettienne

    #5 ultimate Douchebag drink….

  • ibleedgreenngold

    #13 Bewbs?!?!

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