Can I hire a hipster clown for my birthday? (24 Photos)

  • jake

    it's not a satchel, it's a purse.

    • Danny P

      Bullshit. Indiana Jones wears a satchel. Those are fucking purses.

      • Carl R. Evans

        Did you just call bullshit then agree with him? I misunderstand you.

  • randomdreamr

    do not want

  • damon

    the back of 24's t-shirt reads 'but I take it from dirty boys'

  • Beau Young

    They don't do "jobs". They have parents and friends for money.

  • jamison

    I wouldn't call myself a hipster but I dress like this. It's a form of expression and individuality, dumbasses.

    • BigDingo

      and it's ugly as sh*t

    • stafferty

      It isn't really a great stament of individuality when you look like other poeple.

      • daduts

        Are you saying the the coat and tie attire is more unique? Or wearing a plain shirt perhaps? Or a polo? Yeah, those will really make you unique. In fact, I haven't seen anyone wear a coat and tie.

        • stafferty

          I do wear the coats and ties, polos, plain t shirts, etc. However when I do this and look like everyone else in the bar, I do not claim to be "uniqu" or "Expressing my individuality". I am wearing comfortable, practical clothes that can help me get a job and prevent me from being laughed out of the bar.

      • Guest


    • Danny P

      Individuality you say…? Apparently you all have to look the same to be confident in your individuality. You and your skinny jeans wearing 'look at me I need attention in an ironic sort of way' suck.

      • jamison

        I am confident. And for good reason too. You wouldn't understand

        • stafferty

          Somethings, no matter how hard you try to understand them, will never be logical.

        • Beau Young

          He's trying to say he has a big penis. I would know. I have one.

          • SweetAwesomeness

            did you also have to buy the batteries for it?

            • stafferty

              I approve this message. (Seriously, that was a fucking reat comeback and I applaud you sir)

            • Beau Young

              Nope, god delivered it, I signed for it. lol

              I was just trying to exaggerate the point he was making about people not understanding why he's confident.

    • chrisdg74

      Yep. Wear the same shit as all the other hipsters. Individuality, yep. You're doing it wrong.

    • Maddog

      You really just serve to prove this point. I mean, come on dude, maybe instead of getting all flustered and acting like a hipster bitch, you could throw in a less hostile defense, like, "I wear spandex because it breathes better than pants," or, "I like not taking showers cause, it, like, kills the environment if you do." You see, jamison, you've let people know they're getting to you, which is really just a sign of your own insecurity. Come to think of it, the whole hipster thing screams insecurity under the guise of social contradiction.

      Guess what? "Your" style is really just another cliche fad like scene girls or guidos. Confuscious say, the man who laughs too heartily, has dung in his pants.

    • Shopper


    • drbeene

      Whoa, jamison, WHOA. Are you serious?


      • drbeene

        Seriously though, you fuckin got me. Well played.

        Also, do your parents or teachers know you're perusing theCHIVE? You should probably curb that shit before your homeroom teacher catches you and gives you after school suspension.

    • The Truth

      Also it is a well established fact that hipsters do not acknowledge the fact that they are hipsters. It actually makes you even more of a hipster to say "Yea dude, I'm not a hipster, this is just me man"
      And its funny that as much as you try to "aviod" mainstream culture, it effects you more than someone who follows it. You spend more money trying to look like you go against the grain. Also, it's you stupid pricks in Atlanta that drove the price of PRB at bars from $2.25 for fucking $4. Fag

    • 'Merica



    • Shane

      No, it's not a form of expression. It's a form of "oh pretty pretty please pay attention to me, and look how different I can be!"

    • Tubesteak

      You dress "like this" as a form of "individuality". Think about that.

      You're a boring pointless vacuous self-obsessed narcissist with no talent or originality just like all the people in the above.

      The photos are taken from

    • rob


      • lowdown

        Some people I know that dress with an emphasis on eccentric fashion are writers, artists, musicians, hard working people in construction or service industry, or important activists….etc, basically people who try to contribute to society and have good intentions. Some people in general are smug, arrogant stuck-up pricks. I am always surprised at the intense hate-filled backlash that these hipster blogs receive. Yes, some of these people are clown shoes, but not all. And seriously….who is insecure here, the people who have fun with their image while they are still young and idealistic…or the internet police polo shirt conformists. Feel free to make your assumptions about me but it probably comes from a place of fear. I don't look like a clown and I don't look like a lawyer either. As I always say I'm just a dude in a world.

    • RentTheGun

      go die

  • Beau Young

    #12 is uh… he(she with a mustache?) is reading a picture book.

  • Danny P

    GO THE FUCK AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nathan

    12 is a homosexual hipster. look at the magazine.

    • Joeyk

      A homosexual hipster..thats a little redundant dont you think?

  • BigDingo

    So… if being a hipster is predicated on everything you do being based on a smug sense of self-superiority from the belief that your life is an embodiment of irony… are hipsters on the verge of imploding as everything they do, say, and wear is easily anticipated by their distinct lack of individuality as their range of behaviours fall within a narrow spectrum of stereotypical behaviours and irony is based on reality defying expectation whereas we all expect hipsters to act like smug as$holes in tight jeans and they only confirm our beliefs?

    Also, I'd like to punch a hipster in the scrotum

    • Danny P


    • Archibald Shagnasty

      You assume hipsters have scrotums. Or is it scroti?

    • Jethro

      To reference an older post of randoms: The 80's called and told me to "High FIve your face" #2 and #10.
      I'm lost here though, really. How does wearing a shirt that was crap when it first came out, then was shipped to a 3rd world country (a decade later), and returned here to be sold to these pills count as "irony"? is it because the clothes are so wrinkled? Help me to understand!!!

    • Homesteader

      BigDingo, I applaud your statement, and have to say… I'm pretty sure you just mind fucked half of The Chive audience by forming such an eloquent, albeit brief rant.

      I must add, it'd be hilarious to watch a "hipster" get their scrotum bashed.

      • Ulises

        Really? Looks to me like someone just abused an innocent thesaurus.

  • mark

    Nothing indivdual about that look Jamison.

    It stinks of "I try too hard to look like I dont try"

    Although I dont think number 16 really counts as a hipster?

  • stafferty

    On a positive note, the tight jeans might be making them sterile, which is nice.

    • Skedaddle to Seattle

      One can only hope….

  • Stubbs

    That's not hipster, that's just a different form of douchebag.

  • stary prase

    dont hate so much, and what about 16?Hipster just because of the wayfarers?This hate on hipsters for no reason is bringing chive down.

    • The truth

      Dude, unless you live in LA, then you shouldn't make a comment about this guy. I moved from Chicago, Ill to LA, and I have been here for 4 years. I can tell you right now, there has never been ANY sort of weather where I have thought, "damn, I need to bust out my beanie and hoodie, because it is pretty nippy outside." He is a hipster because there WAY TOO MANY doucebags walking around the Groove IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER, wearing woolen caps and sweatshirts. So yea, that guy is a douchebag because the wayfarers AND everything else.

      • stary prase

        I live in Europe, and im just not getting why you hate some guy you dont even know just because hes wearing a hoodie in the summer. That is all.

  • chrisdg74

    19 – Take that gun and shoot the rest of the hipsters in the post(except 21 – she looks like she knows how to party – note the double-fisting of booze. Those clothes are coming off soon).

  • Ricardo Useche

    Huh, i lol'd

  • Trashus

    Youtube: "being a dickheads cool"

    like half of this images are used in that vid and it sums them all up perfectly

  • amazon jade

    Are these ppl for real? I'm confused

  • mark

    Its people like 11 who slay me tho.

    Its that whole attitude of thinking theyre super cool while looking super stupid.

    Im all for individuality, but whats with the as*hole attitude of Hipsters?

  • timmay

    50% of those "hipster" look pretty freakin' gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but maybe they should be "gaysters"?

  • ironic

    seems to be all ripped off

    • Copyrights

      Umm… yes. At least give credit where credit is due?

  • tommybhoy

    Girl in 21….she can wear what she wants if she brings booze with her

  • Meggles

    Are you really expressing individuality if you are dressing to fit in with a subculture of people? "Hey, that kid dresses weird like me, and probably shares my 'f*ck the man' sarcastic and liberal life perspective and listens to progressive indie rock music or screamo"….no thanks. Grow up and contribute to society.

  • Dan

    Are they hipsters? Look more like mislaid Walmart shoppers!!!

  • jusballin

    definitely know the girl in number nine. went to my highschool

  • Anaughtybear

    I'm just thankful for the internet, so these people's kids can ridicule them until the day they die. This shit is worse than disco.

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