Can I hire a hipster clown for my birthday? (24 Photos)

  • femtrooper

    22 nice rack

    • Kyle


  • The Real D. Nozzle

    Whatever, I was into hating hipsters way before the Chive even existed.

  • Kyle

    DAMMIT! 2nd page of comments… DERP

  • amanda

    Hipster Hitler is hysterical. You've probably never heard of it. 🙂

    • Danny P

      Which makes it cooler than your favorite band.

    • Danny P

      Seig Heilarious!!!!

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      Invade poland? pssht. already done.

    • HellHath NoFury


  • Anonymous

    #22 has a nice rack!!!

  • anon

    Flaming is flaming- and it's obnoxious, so knock it off. Doesn't matter if you're flaming gay or flaming straight- still obnoxious.

  • TheLoneliestNumber

    still would rather hang out with hipsters than fratbags.

    • jusballin

      fuck you

      • Da Cuntstabber

        fuck YOU asslicker

  • TBone

    Oh, crap. I know like 5 of those people. FML.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    douches gonna douche

  • Mark

    #22 has a nice rack.

  • Richler

    hipsters are just another group, there are not the only ones who try to express their individuality.

  • MiPo1977

    If individuality is now predicated on not bathing, shaving and needing a shoehorn to fit into your jeans I'll stick to the status quo!!!

  • MiPo1977

    9, Waste Management dumpster…Ironic

  • Anonypop

    If i wanted to see silly pictures of hipsters i would've gone to LATFH. Which i'm guessing is where these pictures came from.

  • DemonSpawn

    They need to stop shopping in the girls department for jeans! Or stop wearing their sisters jeans……..

  • Skedaddle to Seattle

    #22- first rack I've ever seen with a rack….

  • Beau

    First of all, you can't take a picture of an amish person. They don't show up on camera because they don't believe in the technology. Only inanimate objects and people who believe in technology or the possible use thereof will show up on camera, even if they've never seen a camera before.

    Secondly, they don't go to starbucks or use laptops.

  • king hippo

    It's 93 degrees outside. Why the hell do you have that wool cap on?!?!?!?!?!?

  • WOLF

    is #3 the Avett Brothers? If so, those guys are kick ass country rock musicians, definitely NOT hipsters.

  • Jason

    What is wrong with society?

  • glasscaseofemotion


  • hitler

    fuck you fag.

  • Anonymous

    # 22. One could truly say “nice rack”!

  • steve

    these are stolen from

    • john

      Not stolen, they were probably used off of that site, but thats what thechive is a compilation of what is cool all around the internet. They don't have the time or the staff to make all of this up.

  • Robert

    The hipster look is horrible, but they look like they throw great parties.

    • HellHath NoFury

      …at their parents' condos.

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