Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (28 Photos)

  • MeisterMon

    #21 Wait till she superglues your nuts to your chin…

  • metalcool36


  • revT

    two of these photos were pulled from boston.com/bigpicture, otherwise, great post!

  • Matt

    #25 – GOD, I'm so tired of this. And yet people continue to think, "Hey, I'VE still got an interesting way to redo this!" No, you don't. This, and DiCaprio walking, are over, Chive.

  • rob

    #14 is sammy braddy, UK glamour model, she is gorgeous

  • todd

    it is a river in China not a lake

  • its_forge

    #14 is a lot of fun but that's just not the best angle for that particular kind of booty. Great booty, great pose, but should have put the camera higher up and closer to straight-on.

  • http://yupman.blogspot.com Chinkylee

    Is #10 from when they killed off black stig?

  • Libertariandude

    #22… why I'm so turned on by this particular picture?

  • Guestinator

    #23 is FAKE

  • dougp

    Too many of these are photoshopped. Major fail. Chive is really going downhill.

  • BasicallyTim

    ask and you shall receive.

    #9's name is Linda Vojtova

  • basicallytim

    and she actually has a whopper of a nose!

  • kati

    i am #24 and i want my picture off of this website !!! THANKSSS!!!

  • Blown away

    #7 is much hotter then #14, and for that matter just about every other girl I've ever seen on the chive or anywhere else. I don't care if her eyes are shopped, she is f-ing gorgeous. #20, I am fascinated by that to this day

  • Black6dog

    I'm digging 26, idk about you all

  • justsaying

    #19 – like the old man across the street filming the off duty stripper performance!

  • Rick

    Ben Jacobs, you are absolutely right it is def the hottest pic of the year. Chive we need more of this HOPA!

  • matt

    24 looks lke allie sin

  • Orlandu

    heck I'm 25 and #20 still amuses me!

  • GFHunter

    who is #26?
    Why do we even need to ask these questions? Site the fucking photos source please!

  • Alp

    #2 Take that Dos Equis guy!

  • equalizermax

    I Love Beer!



  • B-zzle

    I love the creepers that go on peoples facebooks and take their pictures and pretend they know them. lol #24 is no chivette and had no idea she was even on this web site till i told her.. i mean ya shes cute but come on ppl!!

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