Doctors tell me these photos are good for the blood (25 Photos)

  • Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

    #2 is how Pet Cemetery would have played out in reality.

    • fishy

      Nice name

  • ace

    Just kidding, these are all full of win while intoxicated. While on the subject, The Chive is way better when one is drunks haha

  • Trynadad

    I think the photo bomb in 6 actually has the black plague.

  • Its-a me, Mario

    #25. Thats what we call photoshop. you know…# 7 but then with eye for detail.

  • atf343

    "Chive, this is Naomi Watts,
    I don't remember her being this hot"

    You know that sort of rhymes?
    (if you pronounce it "Wots", eh wtf do I know? :P)

  • DaddyD

    Naomi Watts has always been hot. You've been doing too many drugs.

    • Dave

      Damn, you beat me to it, I was gonna say the same thing.

  • chrisdg74

    14's shopped(the shirt really says the same thing as the one behind him). Regardless, Sir Ian McKellen FTW.

    • Cat masturbation

      Nice massive fail, there was a bunch of different shirts for different actors dipshit. Find building. Jump.
      PS> fuck your mom.

    • FU Chris

      oooooooh…..chris got OWNED!!!!!

    • kikiklas
  • chrisdg74

    21 – Shit. They found my stash.

    • stop it

      Shut up already

  • chrisdg74

    25 – Naomi's ALWAYS been hot. Just as long as she remembers to eat.

    • Nothing to Say Chris

      While I agree that Naomi is hot, shut up.

  • Beldar821

    I don't know who number 8 is, but I likee, likee a lot.

    • anon

      jenny ppenny mathis

  • sloppy

    …and you. Don't downplay your own awesomeness.

    • fasterthanu

      Still calling people gay, yeah?

      some people never grow up, but thanks for the awesome comment. Ya Fucking Idiot.

  • hahahaha

    #2: What did that bitch just say? Gimme the axe dad, give it here!!

  • Beau Young

    #8 must have been out in the desert for a little while. She's got a nice little natural sheen forming from the heat. Nice.

    • Geminiticas

      Apparently HHNF let you out of the cage early today huh Beau…So tell me what is it like being her daily White Knight???

  • Merc

    dude in #1 looks like the freak from Blade.

    • PlanetSmasher

      It's Devin Townsend. 🙂

      • chinception

        A chin within a chin within a chin. >>> (ch)Inception!

    • JimC

      Believe it or not, that guy is actually the greatest musician on the planet.

      His name is Devin Townsend and he's a musical genius. And he's also a very funny, weird-looking Canadian.

      • ghglihklkl

        Well, that would be David Bowie if you ask me….

  • Stevo

    #15 stay the course son, you're doing great.

  • BigDingo

    good mix

  • H^S

    Why is he playing rugby with a football?

  • mase

    penny mathis

  • berp willie

    #9 gotta get one of those shirts! lmao

  • osama bin liner

    number 5 is stuttylicious! could crush your head with those legs though! yum.

  • ppinkham

    LOL #1 is Devin Townsend

    • The Monk

      Actually it's not … that's is I … the gap in the front teeth and the stitches mark on the chin from hitting it twice on the edge of a swimming pool.

  • gogochips

    Yeah it is Devin:

  • Nagrom


    God would NEVER use a Mac. Apple are the work of Satan.

    • The Monk

      Actually #1 is myself … and I have no idea who got that pic where.

  • Rangerdanger

    Photobomb in #5. Guy on the right behind the car. That is a camera and a smile.

  • Northlady

    #11- The Weasley House!!!

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