• Phil

    Hmm I played on Laughing Skull server when that happened. I was happy, Pals 4 Life were a pain in the ass as I tried to level up in Stranglethorn. Ganking pricks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=730551164 Jim Schneider

    It's a fake man. The number crunching should give it away, lol.

  • stafferty

    That and they are seemingly determined to stay virgins (Except Leroy who is awesome). That is a very piss-poor strategy

    • Notavirgin

      Apparently you'd be surprised how many horny nerd chicks play WoW (both hot and not). I got laid back when I played that game by a hot asian chick… spent a week in the sack with her and then went home lol. Good times.

      • Obizzle

        I can confirm this

  • Tim

    You had to go to the back of the room for a couple things, therefore requiring you to break the eggs….It was just a pain in the ass, thus they made a mockery of it, because every group wanted to just walk past but some idiot always wanted to do it and needed the drops.

    • Phil

      Nah a rogue can stealth to the back and activate the crystal.

  • thomas

    it still holds up, man. thanks, chive

  • tommybhoy

    All guns blazing….I salute you Leeroy (even if it is fake)

  • LLRJ

    at least he has chicken

  • http://www.facebook.com/5dobermans Beth Vogel

    They had the gayest guild name ever.

    • http://www.facebook.com/schizoronialfredo Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

      I challenge that assertion. I formed and led a guild back in 2009 called <Rejected By eHarmony>, it became the 2nd best raid guild on the server.

    • its_forge

      Not entirely sure; one of our officers left to form an all-LGBTQ guild….

    • iwatchoxhorn

      no, the gayest guild name ever is reluctance

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000856050565 George Danger Cruz

    Meh. I'm not a WoW guy. so alot of this fell on confused ears. but im guessing this is something normal people do?

    • Justin Hall

      Define "normal".

  • Brandon

    Love this video. Back when WOW was actually fun and a challenge.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500938468 Jeff Sayatovic

    It was staged.. but still incredibly entertaining to watch.

    Achievement Unlocked: LeeeeeeeeeRooooooooooooooooooooy!!!!

  • femtrooper

    I have the tcg Leeeeeeroy card 😀

  • Phil

    It wasn't staged… A horde player in a rival guild to P4L (who were the biggest Alliance guild) got a new account just to make an alliance char and do that. It's not hard to get into P4L, but he did it and did his worst to frustrate them. At the time, UBRS was a very tough dungeon so this effed them over… And those dragonlings don't go back into their eggs so they have to try and kill them all next time.

  • BongPimper

    ….at least I have chicken….ahahhahahah

  • FailRater

    It's a fake in the sense that the video was a reenactment. The actual incident did occur but wasn't recorded, The guild thought it was funny so on one of their other tries they recorded it and reenacted the incident. Obviously trying to play it up and make it funnier.

    What actually happened is "Leeroy" who was AFK at the time of the explanation came back and just ran in thinking everyone was ready.

  • ohno

    I'm shocked and disturbed at how many chivers know what's going on in this vid.
    Suddenly I feel very let down.

    • Creepsareforkeeps

      Nerd alert. The chive is full of geeks and freaks.

  • Mantrhax

    thats the right way to play this… HAVING FUN

  • lukekw

    Never fails to amuse – Classic!

  • Bore

    Man, UBRS….brings back memories.

  • Igor

    Jenny & Mike: Sounds great! I’m sure the shower was MOST enrreshifg! I can vaguely recall my first one after the major medical event 6 years ago it was WONDERFUL! Gini and I certainly hope (and expect, actually) that all will continue to go very well. We got home from AZ late yesterday. Had an excellent 2 weeks visiting with Nancy & Ed Owen (Gramma’s next door neighbors). We spent a couple of days in Sedona in their time share, went to the Body World exhibit at the Phoenix science museum (where we could see exactly where your disk went and where Gini’s recent shoulder surgery was done) as well as having dinners in some excellent restaurants. We also spent a few days South of Tucson visiting Gini’s best friend Annie and hubby Jim. Another excellent time. We’ll try to activate Skype on one of our computers and contact you at an appropriate time tomorrow. Love you guys!!

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