U.S. Coast Guard's modern day battles at sea (28 med-res Photos)

These are photos of the U.S. Coast Guard's Tactical Law Enforcement Detachment (LEDET) which is part of the Deployable Operations Group. The LEDET teams serve to interdict drug operations at sea. They also work from Navy ships with groups such as Combined Task Force (CTF) 151 to conduct counter-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia. These photos are of LEDET-404 of the USS Princeton (CG 59).

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  • okuma

    People really don't give the Coast Guard the respect they deserve. A lot of them don't even count them as members of the military. They have a whole hell of a lot of our coastline to defend, and don't really get the recognition for it. Mad props to the Coast Guard!

  • NAVY

    not the coast guard. NAVY yo. check out dudes chest in pic 5. coast guard is too busy making sure lobstermen off cape cod are playing nice. leave the real shit to the pros.

    • Rick

      U.S. Coast Guard's Tactical Law Enforcement Detachment (LEDET) works with Navy's Combined Task Forces, so you're correct with a blurred line of the Deployable LEDETs

    • CoastGuardsman

      Yo Navy: Three words–"Posse Comitatus Act" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posse_Comitatus_Act They are called LEDETs (Law Enforcement Detachments) because they temporarily detach from the Coast Guard and deploy on Navy ships to chase smugglers, pirates, etc. They do this because they have law enforcement authority–the Navy does not. So the Navy is relegated to the role of providing a platform, meals, hot water, and clean sheets for the Pros who handle the real shit. The Coast Guard is expert at working in both deep AND shallow water close to land. When a Navy ship gets close to land, they call a pilot and tugs to bring them the rest of the way in. It's easy to navigate out in the wide open spaces like the Navy, but very dangerous close to land. Hats off to the Navy for being a good sport and supporting the Coast Guard.

      • Seriously?

        "for the Pros who handle the real shit."

        Really? The Navy is military, and is thus forbidden by the Constitution from action on US soil. It is hardly a matter of the Coast Guard guys being "the Pros." You really think if there were black market nukes on those boats, it wouldn't be SEALs taking them down?

    • USCG

      You're a fucking idiot. Coasties spend more time engaging them enemy in America's waters along with international waters AND in foreign nations (Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia) then the 3 percent of the Navy that are actually trained for combat. I'm sure when your fat lazy ass thinks of the navy you think Seals and pilots (as of 2007 DOG Operators which is the Coast Guard are detached within Seal teams and lead some of them) while the majority of Navy personnel sit around below topside and wack off. Get you're facts straight fuck head next time you see the REAL PROS defending our actual country. Semper Paratus bitch.

    • Coast Guard

      Your a fucking retard. Well the Coast Guard is doing there job every single day, stopping drugs, stopping illegals coming into the country, protecting your fuck nutted head you have the squids out there cutting holes in the water and shooting fake targets

  • Pissd off Oz

    And to think Australia welcomes illegal invaders with open arms.

    • fasterthanu

      get a grip

  • fasterthanu

    Dream job

  • Digital

    You're supposed to be looking at the chests on picture 9, Squidward… I mean Navy.

  • Ryan

    You can't work on commercial vessels for very long and still take the Coast Guard seriously.

    • Regulator

      Until you start sinking, asshat. Bet you'll take them seriously when they're fishing your thankless, sorry butt out of the deep blue.

  • Nyckname

    I always have to laugh when people cap on the Coast Guard. Between these guys and the rescue swimmers…

    Although I hear they do have to be over 6'2", so they can walk to shore if the ship sinks.

  • Anonymous

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