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  • No.

    @ #12, too bad you're still a female and will never actually use a 249 for it's real purpose.

    • Jimmy

      she'd probably beat the shit outta you.

    • Jonny

      Women can and do carry M249's there sparky.

  • Jim

    hey what are the Sea Shepards doing there?

  • Jeannie

    Hey bud, that's me, and yes, I did use it for it's real purpose. I was a gunner during my tour in Iraq back in '04 and I did get the opportunity more than once outside the wire to fire it. Maybe you should think about what you're saying before making a stupid sexist remark. There are plenty of female gunners these days, and I'm guessing either you're not military, or you haven't gone anywhere otherwise you would know that.

    • CDR B.

      Hey 'No'…you better go put some cream on the BURN!

  • Catalina

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