I seriously thought it was Monday until I was told it’s Friday–GIFS!!!

This is a heavy page so please be patient while it loads.

They don’t let me out much.

  • Stupendous

    the GIFS came early! yeah!

    • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young

      That's what she said.

    • boogers

      i came early once, my wife said it's ok.

  • ADDkid

    T-2 was the first movie I ever sat all the way thru. Luvs it.

  • sham

    shit fuck waterslide…

  • ikindalikeapples

    i sat here and watched 5 for ten minutes straight

    • i wrote this

      watched 9 for about that long. she took it like a champ

  • ILikeOrangeChicken

    #9 – Ray Lewis dyed his hair blonde?!?!

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    I admit, I "aww"ed outloud to 7 and 11.

  • Where in the WORLD

    number nine is the best clip ever

  • chrisdg74

    9 – pwned
    7 & 11 – too cute

  • klopp

    #7: nothing tests muzzle awareness like hot brass in your flak! get some!

  • stafferty

    10 The most co ordinated wave ever

    • RandomGuy

      I knew I wasn't the only one thinking that!

  • MiPo1977

    11, It's always annoying when it just lands on your face without warning…

  • 76United

    #9 got…JACK"D UP!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young

      I'd say she got Tyrone'd up, personally.

      • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young

        I'm sorry, at a second glance, she got Rodman'd up.

        • b0b

          please stop

  • http://www.facebook.com/JustinVincentHall Justin Hall

    I'm trying to figure out who the people are in #9. Does anyone know? Looks like Olympic trials?

    • i wrote this

      indoor track and field

  • Jonathan

    How could that waterslide even be remotely fun?

    And #9 is just messed up. Why wouldn't that a-hole stop? Moron.

    • Mclovin' it

      cuz if he didn't take one for the team, she would have never learned her lesson

    • http://www.facebook.com/JustinVincentHall Justin Hall

      I'm assuming it's a trial run for the Summer Olympics. Not sure if you've heard of it, but it's a somewhat unknown event that I think happens every four years or so. And involves all the best atheletes of our generation. The event that individuals spend, you know, decades training for. That Summer Olympics.

      If anyone is the moron here, it's that asshole that WALKED INTO A TRIAL SPRINT, on LIVE television, without realizing what she was doing. And not even looking in the right direction. That dude had full right to try to knock her over to get it, and if you look closely, he's not even looking up. So he can't even be blamed for that.

      • top dog

        That sport is called the long jump or the tripple jump. when you take off you are looking down, not up. The runner took three steps and BOOM!! there she was. answer: HE DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO STOP NUM NUTTS!!!!!!

      • bullknuckles

        it wasnt a TRIAL SPRINT. it was the national indoor championships and she walked across the long jump in-run. the guy just started to run and was still in his "focus" stage and was looking down till she came into view. hilarity ensued. the dude in the background that went into full pucker when he saw it i thought was funny as hell

  • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young


    #5 = TWO PLUS TWO IS…. COME ON…. oh yeah… *grin* four…

  • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young


  • blopp

    number 8 is probably the stupidest GIF i've seen

  • fuzzybeard2016

    #12 That scene from T2 still chokes me up; more so now since I became a daddy.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    # 12 – "cool story bro"

  • Ashland

    What kind of dog is that in #7?

    • top dog

      That is a scared shitless dog, well it's a puppy but it's still scared. Cute little thing aint it?

    • phideauxe

      That's a Welsh Corgi. Awesome dogs – I have one.

  • equalizermax

    My Spider Sense are telling me something

  • Ross

    #9 – Mooove bitch, get out tha way!!

    #10 – EPIC Mexican wave.

  • top dog

    #6, Yep, them Navy boys never could fire a weapon. It's called a brass deflector, get one.
    #8 is funny as hell, I'am still laughing as I type.

  • MeisterMon

    #9… Did she ever wake up after that freakin hit? If so, the Raiders are looking for a new QB… Ouch! Hell, they'll even sign the guy that tackled her!

  • Sauru

    am i the only one who thinks being a part of #10 would be fun? specially when drunk off my ass

    • top dog


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