More ladies of the “future lower back problems” club (26 Photos)

  • king

    jenn sterger woot woot

  • timmy

    hmm, that pic of jordan begs the question….

    is there any tread left in the tires??

  • Djos

    boomshakalaka……..who is #17 ?

    • powpow

      laura michele prestin

  • FLow

    Who is No 3 i think shes smokin hot…

  • frinks

    who is number 2 you keep putting her in these albums and no one has mentioned it

    • Guttervillle

      Cristina del Basso

      and watch this video of her

      • Daved

        Awesome link!!!! wish I was there to help!

    • HellHath NoFury

      Some chick who wears white makeup to the pool and tans herself orange.

  • Mullie

    #3 and #7 MOARRRR
    anyone know who these are ?

    • SG34

      Chive find #7 and dedicate a whole thread

  • Mullie

    #5 is also kind of alluring. Perhaps some other viewpoint ??

    • boogers

      That's so weird that you'd be attracted to a super hot girl with big tits who's laying on a bed. Whatever flips your skirt up.

  • chrisdg74

    I'd love to be standing behind #3 right now.

  • Terry Burke

    well done chive

  • gazza

    Thats faptastic!…gotta love #7

    • Sammy

      Go to this photographer's website!! Wow!!

      • ai triplea

        What is it

  • tommybhoy

    Awesome… am away to get drunk and maybe cut some shapes

    Enjoy your weekend boys & girls of theChive

  • Crossfitforlife

    #2 all the way. Who is she? And, how can we get more?

  • T-Boz

    #7 , Oh….good…..Lord!

  • Keithp420

    How can I tell if they’re gonna have lower back problems if I can’t see their backs?

  • HardCore Mike

    #17 FTW! Out-fucking-standing, CHIVE!

  • Bella

    I love how it says, "So Low" in the background of #26.

    • mike

      you can see the background

      • Bella

        I'm a girl. Haha!

  • Beldar

    I will NEVER get tired of posts like this. Thank you Chive, Thank you.

  • MiPo1977

    Boobs, the answer for achieving World peace

  • MiPo1977

    I would be willing to show them some Shibari Suspension techniques that would alleviate the pressure

  • Surge

    Question: Where are #24's nipples? It IS a wet T-shirt after all…

    • Guttervillle

      Photoshopped out

  • whickity whack

    #17 has it all. She has side-boob, under-boob, & THO for the trifecta!!

  • john

    lol number 19 is Miriam the transexual off the tv

  • Rick

    Chive today is my birthday thank u for this.

  • Scott

    a post with 2 pics of Jenn Sterger deserves an unbookmarking…..

  • mojo

    boobs, gods gift to the world. thank you!!!

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