So F’ing Awesome (21 Photos)

  • ikindalikeapples

    21 "its not what it looks like!"

  • king

    20 she is waiting on the money shot

  • ADDkid

    lol 15 "its not what it looks like!"

  • tommy chiba

    who's that in 7 ?

    • Dave

      Marisa Miller

  • bob

    the old pictures of michael jackson and freddy mercury and of eminem are kinda cool
    also enjoyed marisa miller.

  • j12goose

    #9 Ha ha, PedoBear is going back in time………..Uh, wait a minute, I was a child back then……..Shit!!!!

    • Matt

      That's…an Ewok.

      • j12goose


      • Beardo

        Um, PedoBear is an Ewok. PedoBear is just his name, not his species.

        • i wrote this

          Um…u sir are wrong. in fact the word BEAR in the name is pretty much a dead giveaway one would think

          • Beardo

            If I named my dog Unicorn, that would not instantly make a horn sprout from his head and hooves form on his feet now would it?

            Besides, Ewoks are in the genus Ursus along with all the other bears. They are Ursus Wokus Pedophilius (common name: Ewok). The more you know…

            • HellHath NoFury

              Holy god, I love you.

              • j12goose

                I think my head just exploded……..

  • Bella

    I do admit to doing 11; leaning on tables. It's just the fact that I'm a DD that I don't do it much… but I'm usually at school, and we have a uniform, so it doesn't look so risqué. PedoBear would love it if I did that in a low top. Haha! I'm 16.

    • MarkAssBuster

      reading this comment …
      1st line i was like DDs 🙂
      2nd line I was like huh? pedobear???
      3rd line i was like 😦 16

    • Justin Hall

      So … conflicted.

    • Beau Young

      Good idea not to post with a profile that could link you back to a page. A lot of people joke about the pedobear around here, but there are a lot of actual pedobears that aren't so funny around here too. Be careful who you tease on the internet. It's all fun and games until somebody doesn't know how to take a joke lol

    • HellHath NoFury

      Does your daddy know you're using his internet for to tell boys this?

  • MiPo1977

    11, The elusive T.O.T…Tits On Table, it is rarely seen but it is known to have the ability to stop men in their tracks

  • Rick

    Call me a perv i dont care #11 is my idea of awesome

    • FartFace

      I'm with you.

  • SomethingClever

    #12 will stand at those falls until she consumes the 65 lbs of salmon needed to sustain her through the harsh winter months.

    • SweetAwesomeness

      awesome…..awesome comment!!!!!

  • man man

    #10 is amazing.

  • Beau Young

    Apparently at a young age, Marshall Mathers was quite the underpants complimentary Alf fan.

  • Beau Young

    #4, I didn't know Einstein could shred. I didn't know they made the warrior-esque body style back then either.

  • Pete Ribaudo

    dnt get 12….whats so cool about a whale in its natural habitat?

    • MeisterMon

      No disrespect Pete, but whales live in the oceans… clearly that is a lake and we have just seen the Loch Ness Monster in her summer dress…

  • Kawz

    #8: Weird, I thought I was the only one who spent his weekends scissoring with Kermit out in an inflatable canoe.

    #7: I heard Marissa Miller's midsection can cure type-2 diabetes. And, her boobies have been known to alleviate symptoms associated with multiple forms of cancer.

    And, her legs.. well, they don't cure anything, they're just hott as fuck.

  • andrea

    number 12…hahaha and the eminem pic is classic, i find some joy knowing him and my dad owned the same shirt lol

  • SteamboatWillie

    #6 – human centipede?

  • SweetAwesomeness

    Albert Einstein is jamming on an electric guitar…………your argument is invalid

    • top dog

      When he is jamming on his electric guitar, his name is Albert "Fucking" Einstine.

  • HellHath NoFury

    7-Honey, that's not what we bought the lube for.
    12-I see you got my Sexy Chivettes submission.

    • SomethingClever

      I see nothing wrong with that use of "the lube". You say 'we', so what exactly were your plans with her and "the lube"?

      • HellHath NoFury

        Nice raised eyebrow. I was going to rub it all over us and then go down a bobsled track.

        • Dave J

          HHNF…When are you going to submit a pic to Sexy Chivettes? You have the brains and I'll bet a good body, as well! I wanna see HHNF ALL lubed up! 😉

          • Clipse

            the f is wrong witchu

          • HellHath NoFury

            Not this week, I feel like poo and don't want to scare everyone.

  • Beau Young

    This time you're excused. Next time…. *cracks whip*

  • Son of Dad

    I suggest a new strategy princess… let the wookie win.

  • Brent Verwymeren

    #19 is Eminem, saw that picture in a bio book of his…nothing more gangsta than Alf!

  • equalizermax

    Mushroom Pizza?

    • awesome

      yes itz a frikin mushroom pizaa…….tht fukin fails!

  • top dog

    That pedo bear joke ain't funny mannn!!, it aint funny I tell ya. If I see that little fucker walking through my neighborhood I'am going to shoot him and make a pedo bear rug out of him.

    • awesome

      omfg! the pedo bear my dad!
      or is he my grandad?

  • nouu

    #1 so the chive still supports pedophiles i see.

    • SweetAwesomeness

      oh STFU….chive supports sweet ass cakes, not pedophiles!!!

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