There are sexy Chivers among us (35 Photos)

Thanks to all the Chivettes for sending in their photos this week. We're expecting over 3 million hits on this post today. So if you're a sexy Chiver, send your sexiest photos to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com or use our awesome upload page and collect internet fame. MEGA-HINT: You're a shoe-in if you write 'hi Chivers' on some part of your body. Do it for the awesomeness of partial nudity. Do it for your country!

Chive On!
- John n' Leo

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  • nunya

    chivers just have the best asses

  • Joseph

    Jess, what you're shared is awesome, how about the rest of you.

  • WABA

    I know # 14, she lives in the house next to me. she is 15.

  • toastymoe

    #8 is using her crop tool to it's fullest advantage

  • tomorrowkings

    #31 Absolutely pulchritudinous, who are you ? who is she ?

  • sdf
  • sdf
  • jhf

    21 real duck face

  • Pavel Brodsky

    5 is amazing IMO.

  • chance

    #21 how about a full body shot? Very sexy eyes

  • chance

    Oh and i'll take both Ladies in #3 …. At the same time

  • The WB

    Didn't know you were quite the exhibitionist SD! Wanta pose for me ;)-

  • John Ahlberg

    I, for on, envy #10's (Adriana's) underwear.

    And I have never envied clothing before.

  • wonton123

    Please #23 come and blind me with those rocket tits.

  • gman bam

    Great tits #23, now how about some ass next time.

  • Lyle

    not too sure about a sandwich but i'd sure have a fur burger with a side order of thighs

  • RealMatt

    More 22 More 31. Both are unbelievable.

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  • Michel Payette

    #10 and #15 win it for me…


    #2 put me in the game….. i swear i'll score

  • Bro Chill

    I must meet 31

  • ike54ato

    OMG #7 AND #22 !!!
    And sorry to sound ignorant, but what is HUTR

  • jack

    cutie #16

  • dude

    21# who are you hottie more body please girl

  • downfall616

    who okay'd #6? retards

    • downfall616

      she comes close to the chick from "always sunny"

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