Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • crazy trumpeter

    #48, so frickin' cool.

  • Anonymous

    This one finds #35 to be awesome super.

  • GunMcawesome

    i cant stop laughing at #34

  • Adubz

    #39 eminem'?

    • Eminem

      What? Nah, homes. Dat ain't me, yo.

  • kigero

    35 and 49 are both the same girl, rosie jones. (voted best body 2 years in a row in nuts mag)

    • MiPo1977

      Rosie Jones you say…The Chive should do an entire post dedicated to her!!!

    • coocoocuchoo

      Rosie Jones you say…The Chive should dedicate to her a complete post

      • Terry Burke

        ummmm they did

  • backbooth

    eminem is the biggest alf fan ever, fyi.

  • king

    is 41 jenna?

    • Matt

      no its Gisele

  • Jake23

    yea after you register you get 27$ after 10 min of surveys that they have on the main page

  • LiaMMV

    15 – Burka tan lines?

    • Clickawhat

      Who is burka tan lines girl ?

    • UrMom

      If she felt the need to wear a burka, do you really think she would be wearing that bikini?

  • dt546

    2 pictures of rosie jones? i know shes awesomely hot, but mix it up a bit

  • MiPo1977

    22, Tinkerbell was actually calling me when that pic was taken…True story

  • Palin Comparison

    #6 I am still fascinated by it.

    • northerner

      Yep, me too. Always wondered why I could'nt see the bones and stuff when I put my finger or thumb over the light.

  • sideboob

    I think I'm in love with #9

  • dobo

    15 is christina del baso…..enjoy her.

    • HellRazer

      Muchas Gracias

  • KC123456

    #8. The bitch is on the wrong side of the road…….wil she ever et a ride?

  • MigraineBoy

    Great week…GREAT week!

  • RBG

    Is it just me, or is this site steadily turning into a place only for pictures of half-naked girls (instead of general random crazy pics)?

    • Terry Burke

      and you point is? they still have random pics. why are you complaining about a site that has half naked girls?

    • desh

      I know. The random stuff is much more fun.

  • Hitbox

    Man- i would love to be #41's Tie right now…….

  • chrisdg74

    13 – Penn State needs to update their plumbing. You will not stop the fapping.

  • chrisdg74

    37 – And by "hot girls" you mean sweaty dudes, right?

  • Nihilus_13

    41 – Hello! 😀

  • beardmanly

    Who are 15 and 41?

  • cara

    #15 needs to do one of two things:
    2- PUT THE ORANGE SELF TANNER ON YOUR FACE AND NECK AS WELL, then go lead your gaggle of oompa loompas back to the jungle.

  • john

    41 = LoveGisele 😀

  • winwins

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