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  • Lou


    • terry burke

      who cares?

      • Lou

        I Do !!

  • Shogun

    38 the cars going into traffic

  • northerner

    #8, um, would you move your left hand about a foot to your left? Thanks SO much…
    #30, now THAT is a gorgeous classic Olds ragtop. That's class. From a simpler time.
    #60, technically, that's not supposed to happen. The guard rails are designed so that their end facing oncoming traffic is angled away from the traffic and angled down into the ground so it acts like a ramp if someone runs into it. The vehicle will go up on top of it like a ramp. Theoretically at least. This guardrail may have been previously damaged and not intact when someone else hit it. Ouch. Hope no one was in the passenger seat on the right side.
    #61, beautiful girl and great bikini. Just curious, though, why the crotch of her suit, well, looks like it has, um, well kind of a yellow stain on it. Could it be that….naw. Just my imagination at work….

  • MoWeeD

    #52 made my day

  • equalizermax

    I Love Twins!

  • beto

    #26 "Ariel A" form MetArt dot com ! most beautiful redhead i've ever seen ! and… by the way… PANTERA rocks ! RIP DIMEBAG

  • myles

    #8 could have been mind the gap #11 mind the gap #28 sophie vallance zero talent oz actor

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