Russian club girls actually won the Cold War (29 Photos)

One of our crazy Russian Chivers, Ivan, sent me these photos today. He claims Russian woman are, 'the more beautiful girls in the world.' And I have to say, crazy Ivan might just be right. Thoughts?

  • bob

    sexy Chivers was much better America FTW

  • joeoby

    I'd stick my thumb in their butt.

  • Rindustry

    #16 and 17….


  • ryno47

    they are hot, but the facebook posts are way better. Canada and U.S. have the hottest women. I would have to say Hungary too

  • MeisterMon

    While there are some lookers in this assortment, I'm sticking with the good ole USA… walking on the boardwalk in Newport Beach you will see WAY hotter women… who speak English!

  • Kawz

    Yeah yeah, the United States has some hotties running around, but I'd certainly put forth an effort to learn Russian so that I may make an outrageous ass of myself when attempting to hit on both #4 and #9.

  • Moi

    "Parfaitement superbes" as french would say

  • jav

    Love that there are not any freakin duckfaces going on

  • Duke

    And these girls are different how from club kids in any major American city?

  • himagain

    Its 26 all the way!!!

    Oh and Russia please stop trying to duck face,sadly thats an american artform.

  • Mike

    Russian women are too full of themselves (of course with these girls it's justified). Not that personality matters much but you can get much further with Ukranian women and they are just as hot!

  • Pink

    Guess it not only American girls who like to look like sluts.

  • fuzzybeard2016

    #28: Duckface FTL, even with that rack!

  • nouu

    there trying too hard but it's better than looking at asian ladyboys.

  • its_forge

    Russian girls are hot; Ukrainian girls are hotter.

    And it seems like these women from Eastern Europe and western Asia are **all** supermodels until they turn 35 and then… they become invisible, or they become men with bushy mustaches and pot bellies. I guess. Never seen a singe hot Russian chick over 35 and shut up y'all, there are lots of over-35 women from elsewhere who are hot.

  • momak

    If you want to see real beautys, check out some of Croatian girls 😉

  • top dog

    They look pretty good, but the French, Italian and Brazilian women look better. German woman have bigger booties tho. I could have fun with these women…..hell, I can have fun with all women, no matter where they are from… long as she got tits and a nice ass.

  • northerner

    #14, OMG, those legs….OMG. Wow.

  • Tony Miteff

    except for 18, they are all woof! god bless the usa.

  • spaceboi

    tites and ass, is tittes and ass, regardless of skin color or ethnicity.

  • mdawg

    number 26 looks a bit worn out/strung out

  • {clevernamehere}

    I just can't help but assume the header is for another mail order bride gallery.

  • KLS

    They have totally bangin' bodies, but is it just me or are some of these girls a little wonky in the face?

  • NO.

    Russian women are gorgeous until, one day, BAM, you get this:

    Nothing in modern science can explain the sudden and shocking transformation.

  • Billy Bong Thorton

    Russian girls really know how to party

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