Russian club girls actually won the Cold War (29 Photos)

One of our crazy Russian Chivers, Ivan, sent me these photos today. He claims Russian woman are, 'the more beautiful girls in the world.' And I have to say, crazy Ivan might just be right. Thoughts?

  • Diegote

    clearly, Ian has never visited Argentina

  • chuba

    I have to disagree… But still a solid 2nd after Romanian girls.Just do a google pic search on romanian club girls and you'll see what I'm on about 😉

  • Conor

    Note to self: Learn Russian ASAP!

  • mandy

    sexiest gals

  • Chris

    My god, those girls are hot! A lot of them look alike though, I hooked up with a Russian in Bali and I swear she looked like 4 girls in the photos above.

  • Anon

    Meh. Chive, you need to get out more / get out of the land of fat cows with voting rights, called USA. These pics would be average at best at any night European night club (sans the English and Dutch, those girls are fugly).

  • Mikey

    Photobomb does the guy in the background have a dildo in his mouth

  • Massive Dynamic

    #23 has just eye bleeped me. (the one on the right not the ugly one)

  • Cord11

    #11 – Hello there! Great come hither look.

  • Qayoom

    I like

  • Dave


  • Fyre13

    When I realized Russian women weren't all old, fat, and wearing bulky fur coats ~ I've been in love. I want to go there. I've gotten tattoo'd.

  • Jerry

    yeah look this video i found on youtube: unbelievable

  • TheEmperor

    On the whole; meh.

    Ivan needs to actually leave Russia and see what women the rest of the world has to offer. He'll quickly change his opinion.

  • Ruslan

    Russian girls super! ))

  • http://deleted Ruslan

    looked like 4 girls in the photos super

  • that dude

    american chicks are still much hotter once u take the "foreign chick" taboo out of the equation.

  • http://hotandsexegailscluib ram


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