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This Russian girl is selling her virginity online for the American equivalent of $5,000. So far, no takers. First, I know I shouldn't be posting this and promoting this sort of self-defilement on theCHIVE. Second, this type of self-defilement is exactly the type of stuff we promote on theCHIVE. It's an interesting paradox, I know. So let the debate begin. Is this girl worth $5K?

  • Edward Manning

    Plastic surgery to restore hymen $4,026
    Vodka $74.00
    Spot on THE CHIVE PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!!



  • Zach D.

    not for 5k.

  • Timmah

    I'm not sure what she's saying but I'm pretty sure she's a whore!

  • Jason

    Would I what? Would I say (s)he's a pre-op tranny? YES.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=511925362 Jimmy Marsden

    She's alright def not 5 stacks worth

  • Bladerunner

    Not interested in that type of girl, sleezy!

  • Dirty Dougie

    Depends on if her dick's bigger than mine?

  • digdug

    If the chive pays,i'll make her scream!

  • Franklin1138

    To answer the original question, 60 weeks later, I'd have to say "No."

  • https://www.facebook.com/subsonic9 Kent Hosterman

    Assuming the offer is legitimate, the price is outrageous. Virginity ain't worth a tenth of that. She seriously over values herself in the most defiling way. Which is actually pretty clever in a way.

  • oldguy9999

    I wonder how many times she has sold her "virginity" before?

  • http://www.facebook.com/eric.diebel Eric Diebel

    Never understood why you'd want to pay to have sex with a virgin. She doesn't know anything, she'll probably cry, and not in the fun way. I'd rather have someone who was my sexual equal and unless this girl practices on dildos all the time, she simply isn't going to cut it.

    I suppose some people just like to take things. Disgusting.

  • LLD

    she's worth five million, as a human being, albeit terribly misguided and probably abused. poor girl- Russia really is a tough neighborhood. Is she the same girl who was being shot by the old dude in the wife-bearer?

  • http://theflashingscotsman.com TheFlashingScotsman

    Who cares if she's a virgin, she's hot!

  • _Like_a_Boss_

    Maybe if she paid me $5k, and I mean maybe after 5 or 6 hours of steady drinking.

  • Murray

    I`m sorry guys – but this is wayyyyyyyyyy below the chive. If a guy or girl wants to show off their body in a fun and playful way – I think that that is awsome. That seems to me, to be what a chiver is – someone playful and celebrating life. This post just seems below us. And the comments on this post are horrible too. I bet if you got to know this girl – you`d realize that she doesn`t need anymore tearing down. She devalues herself so much that she is trying to sell herself. I only pray that my daughters never fall to that level. Chive is much better than this.

  • billyjack13

    I'll give her a $100 and she has to swallow…….

  • David

    $5,000? Its cheaper, more fun, and you'll get a better looking firl if you go to a bar in Freshers Week

  • Fireguy343

    Who wants a virgin anyways? I want a girl that leaves my head spinning…

  • Easy

    Nice try Russia !!!

  • TimC

    that girl is high as a kite, i think the pictures were taken by the guy who had just finished having his way with her.

  • Joey

    What a whore.

  • Geoff

    To be honest, with $5,000 to spare, I would spend it wisely on a High End Classy Fuck Loving Big Titted Blow Job Performing Prostitute ….

  • VivaLaV48

    Yikes. She looks like she's coming down from a good one.

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