“Awesome” will put a smile on your face (30 Photos)

  • BigDingo

    Moar Katy Perry bewbs would also put a smile on my face…

    • Vic Vaselino

      The rack on 29 is far superior to Katy Perry's funbags. And the kicker is Russell Brand's festering junk has probably never been between them.

  • Jay


  • WKS

    The gay veteran pic isn't supposed to be funny, fuckheads.

    • a guy

      No it's not supposed to be funny, it's supposed to be "Awesome", which it is!

    • hank

      yeah yeah, but its funny cause it's true…

    • http://www.facebook.com/schizoronialfredo Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

      I don't know about you, but I always find backwards societies to be humorous. Almost as funny as the people with sticks so far up their asses they get splinters in their brains.

    • MiPo1977

      Hold on Hold on…Lady Gaga might hear you

    • equalizermax

      It is not supposed to be funny if your also gay…

    • aosux

      Yet it is, fag

    • nunya

      but it is, fucktard

  • ryan

    23 wtf?

    • sloppy

      The point is that nobody wants to pay taxes, but everyone expects to be able to use all the things in the photo that are paid for with tax dollars.

      • Its-a me, Mario

        I thought the point was you see a car about to turn on a red light….

        but the guy did also mention the phone lines…. either way, it made me think to much my brain hurt, so I stopped that and scrolled to 29

    • Stevo

      they don't want defence cuts, but they don't want to pay for it either, it's what's known as a retards paradox.

      • Keynesians r tarded

        People should be happy to pay taxes, the moar taxes u payin the moar moneyz u makin. what was the point of the street lights?

  • king

    19 ftw

    • googboog

      19 was awesome!

  • Seth

    Help! There's a midget with giant feet stuck in a barrel!

  • Superfresh

    Lulz at 25, WIN!

  • ace

    you can look up how #15 is done on the internetz, look it up
    #18 makes me feel better about myself
    #29 =D

  • Clay Aiken

    That's a shadow win.

  • Super Felch

    Me likey the boobies. Not the other ones. Just those.

  • NotARealUsername

    whats up with the dumb protesting picture?

    • Not Again

      The dumb are protesting taxes, but everything around them is paid for by taxes!

      • LOLWUT

        Except the power lines and phone lines are totally paid for by the utilities. And if that sidewalk is in front of a private home, it is maintained by the homeowner.

        Dear Chive,

        Stop it with the politics, please.

        • John Virgo

          i thought it was because the sign telling people not to turn right on a red was 'disguised' among all the other stupid signs…

        • bavic

          wrong, telehphone companies tax customers to support their infrastructure.
          No home owner or business is responsible for sidewalks.
          Please please dont write if you dont know what your talking about.
          Im sure their is some website with funny pics that supports Palin that you could go to.

          • LOLWUT

            So I support Palin because I disagree with you? Ok Stalin, settle down.

            I also didn't know a private company can levy a tax at all… seems kinda unconstitutional…

            And maybe you don't live where it snows, but in DC, its the homeowner who must remove snow from the sidewalks and fix em when they break. But go ahead and attack me again rather than provide PROOF. Thats a constructive way to discuss.

  • mooooonnnndooogg

    in 19: a girl not eating moon doggies for a bit is probably a good idea. Their food is so freaking good, but will cause massive weight gain.

    btw: that girl lives in glenview illinois. Thats where moondoggies is.

    • mooooonnndooogg

      excuse me, 21.

      • kh330

        This note was found by a friend of a friend in a lost purse when he was trying to find out who's purse it was. It's actually from Pacific Beach in San Diego, California and Moondoggies is a bar there:)

  • http://bacon.com bacon

    #20 and #23 are full of win. Gay pride ftw.

  • MiPo1977

    Please tell me Justin Beiber owns a shotgun

  • SomethingClever

    Had to google 2 to make sure Biebs didn't really say that. Thought I had found the thing that would finally tip me over the edge…

  • P-90

    #11 Knowing Gambon, he probably wrote it.

  • femtrooper

    #6 You dont wear sandals with armor! Your foot is going to be stabbed.

    • Brandon

      Like it matters when you're so fat that an adult-sized chest plate looks like a baby's bib. 😛

  • Cokeiscool

    Chive you really hate republicans, lol

  • Tim Smith

    Grr. 8 and 9 are funny, but the chive logo sadly blocks out whoever is the author.

  • Thrush

    C'mon Batman would not be watching soccer.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617461769 Kjell King


  • equalizermax

    Keanu loves Cupcake!…

  • Hitbox

    #29…… Drrroooooollllsssssssssssss

  • Bud Ugly

    I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that #23 shows all the things that were paid with our taxes?

    If I'm wrong, well, I'm an idiot.

    • ronin

      Taxes are fine it's just that when those taxes get excessive to make up for corruption and misappropriation of tax dollars is when people get upset enough to protest. The captions of the photo are a little simplistic, obviously taxes pay for the things all around them, maybe they are upset at the corruption they see.

      • Keynesians r tarded

        or maybe just maybe, they're where our taxes are going and all the stuff that is being pointed at is like, hey guys, we're puttin' work keepin you from having car accidents, clean these smacktards off ma curb! Street lights talk to me by flickering

  • Skedaddle to Seattle

    29. More than ample. That is all.

  • max

    #8 poor scorpion's family :p

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