“Awesome” will put a smile on your face (30 Photos)

  • Sarah

    Uh… is #12 a new one or is Mr Reeves at it again?
    Urrghh #16 is well freaky.. *shudder
    Giggle @ #28

    & I sat and stared at #29 for far to long than is healthy..

  • Simon

    The watermark has once again ruined a picture It obscures the text at. #18

  • http://www.facebook.com/greguire Gregory Nelson Courtney

    two batmans in the same post? 😀

  • MeisterMon

    #21, a woman I'd like to meet

    #23, says it all… also they all look old enough to be collecting social security, another tax that is supporting them while they are protesting taxes!

  • Low

    My name in Landon. This freaked me the fuck out.

  • sleater44

    Who is #29? Any idea?

  • Robert

    I don't like the "taxes" pic. It just makes it seem like there's some prick out there that actually enjoys paying taxes.


    23 makes no sense because power lines and phone lines are paid for by the utilities, not the government.

    Dear Chive, stop it with the politics, seriously man.

  • Scott

    #23 No turn on red silver car!!!

  • adfcs

    hey morons – phone lines arent paid for by taxes, and there is enough revenue to buy everything in the picture with a couple of speeding tickets a day. They are protesting crazed government spending. Right now you douchebags don't realize that you work from january till april just to pay your taxes. Do you get that or not? what the fuck people wake up.

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  • Tech Guy

    #29. better than all the others combined

  • Grr

    #9 just made me feel sad.

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