Daily Afternoon Randomness (40 Photos)

  • DailyReader

    Dearest Chivery,

    You make life worth living. Thank you for the perfect tush. That is all.

    -Still Alive

  • Kawz

    Whoa whoa whoa.. where the fuck did Anne Hathaway's boobs go?!

    That best be one fantastically tight bikini top, or I have lost all hope in humanity.

    Also, I believe the single mother from #12 has a retarded window-licking child.

    • Slappy

      The kid is just pleading to be saved from the dark ominous spirit thing behind him.

  • dan

    #40 i think her right cheek is bigger than her left cheek

  • Spliggs

    #40 – i think I just B my L!!

  • lukekw

    #40 Can't say that I'd agree – nice, yes, but the best?…I dunno…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617461769 Kjell King

    #2 Looks like Weng Weng, the Filipino midget spy. I love that dude!

  • Kjellupa

    #40 I'd like to play knick knack paddy whack on that ass

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

      Identity crisis, Kjell?

  • Kimmeh

    #17- They're all racing to the bakery. Who will win O_o

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=609720212 Tony Miteff

    40 i've seen better tushes on the Chive.

  • anonymous

    40 has been on this site before with the caption "in highschool we called her superbutt"

  • fibonnaci5150

    #1 rocks

  • [clevernamehere]

    40– You should do a gallery on this girl alone. Kylie Something-or-other… She really does have one of the best butts in the world! I would Caster Troy that girl and eat that peach for hours….

    Also, Google the American Apparel Best Butt Contest and check out those winners. You could do a Wed Butt Gallery for a year just with the entries on there.

  • boot

    i'm not too sure why, but i feel disgusted by 27, and want to smash the little fucker in.

  • But not really


  • Skedaddle to Seattle

    #2- I like dat shit
    #6- yummy Hayden. Octoberfest!
    #11- very cool indeed
    # 15- whoa. that is all.
    #17- drag race to the bakery?
    #19- pink rims?o.0
    #23- awesome.
    #25- Chuck's the shit.
    #33- oops
    #36- knees always lose on aphalt
    #40- I concur. Needs a good spanking, it does:p

  • http://colddeadfingers.tk Merovingian

    #40 was on a gallery a while back claiming it was someone in their class *skepital rapor look*

  • Nicnac

    #21 … that's by an 11 year old? Our education system is worse than I thought if 11 year olds can only come up with writing that looks like it was done by a toddler…

  • Cory

    hayden and anne in the same post?! The Chive makes an Epic Win

  • couchjesus1264

    so the single mom in #12….what site is she on?

  • Rat

    Perfect? HELL NO.

    I could post millions of butts I like better.

  • jim


    See mine,

  • Guest

    Stewie's Stroller.

  • Lev

    I demand to know who #15 is.
    Failure to comply will result in my confiscation of the internet for comprehensive analysis. Spare everyone from this punishment and just tell me.

    • your daydream

      it's me

      • Sam

        i know #15. went to elementary and secondary school w her.
        btw its all real and shes the nicest girl you'll ever meet

  • Tyler

    #27 is it just me or is this incredibly disturbing

  • Phoneboy

    So #12 fails at both dating *and* parenting?

    That might explain something..

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