Hot Right Now: Sh*t happens sometimes (35 Photos)

‘Merica (19 Photos)

  • Ed Crane

    If you think its a patriotic song, then yes you have.

  • nouu

    umm the dude in #12 has titties….and if you don't like 'merica then go fuck yourself.

  • Mike

    what a dumb post

  • bob

    #4 is the British made Victor bomber.

  • Kiwi

    So – America invented everything and the rest of the World are losers.
    USA – that country that put Saddam in power, the home of the Tea Party, the country that let OJ go free, the country that elected Bush, the country that invades any country with oil reserves, the country that pokes its unwelcome nose in all over the world. The pictures are an accurate look at the USA – no wonder everyone is getting defensive. I don't think you realise how despised your country is.

    • The Knowledge

      The US were also the ones who armed the enemies they fought in Vietnam and the enemies they (And everyone else) fights in Afghanistan today.

  • Anonymous

    i dont get 6?

  • ehjfbwbfh

    number 6 what the hell? in europe here is ketchup when we go eating fries there is only ketchup here not that other white thing i dont know even what it is

  • Jennifer Diamond

    enh…….not that good this time, sorry…..

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  • HeBe

    #4 is an English plane

  • slacker

    Good read , I’m going to spend more time researching this subject

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