Hot Right Now: You Say ‘Tomato’, I say ‘FLBP’ (44 Photos)

‘Merica (19 Photos)

  • America

    Fuck yeah!!!!


      Comin' again to save the mutha fuckin' day yea!!!!!!!!

  • tralllaa

    #19 who is she??

    • Tony Miteff

      Sarah Palin, governor from Alaska. She can see Russia from her house.

      • TiminPhx

        And you can see the "Land of Tired, Over-used Cliche Land" since you apparently are the mayor there. I bet you couldn't point out Alaska on a map you silly left-wing, "Daddy Obama, take care of me, I'm too helpless and stupid to stand on my own" trite ass.

        • sanantonytony

          I'd smash you only you've manage to say nothing in an entire paragraph . what do you mean ?

        • Sanantonytony

          The Merica allows immigrants to flourish cliche ,

          I can find alaska on a map but it doesn't come up ever in my life ,ever , not even once .

          I have no idea what daddy obama statement means ,

    • Lee

      Someone photo shopped Sarah Palin's face on that body. Look at the neck & you'll see. LOL.

      • Notavirgin

        Yep, there's a blur where the original's jaw line was lol.

    • OneClownShoe

      She once called Africa a country.

      • Stephan

        It's not Sarah Palin. thats a porn star Nailin Pailin is the video

      • Summitgrad

        And Obama said he'd been in all 56 states during his campaign. Politicians say stupid things because everything they say is recorded – eventually you can get a good soundbite that makes no sense at all.

        Besides, I think that "Palin fact" was made up – I know several of those "Palin said" things were invented by bloggers who were against her.

        • AAWW Yeah

          I know it's a little late, and no one will probably read this, but didn't he say all 56 states AND TERRITORIES? That would include the 50 states and the U.S. Territories, such as Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and I'm sure there are more.

    • pidolitmustimulation

      Sara Palin or some look-alike of her

    • dude

      Sienna west + Sarah Palin

  • dvstec

    Number 7 is actually from an Australian newspaper, not Europe.

    • fugginstayoopid

      Here in merica, australia is in europe. fuck yeah!

      • himlermelbourne88

        Australia exist because of europe , its not in europe , but kind of is europe in a sense .

        you must be a jew .

        • jwwiggles

          so by your reason america is kind of europe in a sense

          • fasterthanu

            haha, you're right. If the guy saying Australia is a by-product of Europe, then so is America!


            • john

              this uproar was faked by the dailymail, a rasicst newspaper in the uk, and it was for dundee which is in scotland, it has now being debunked

              • fasterthanu

                That has nothing to do with what I said, and I know where Dundee is since I'm Scottish. I hear up in Dundee the enjoy the company of sheep a little too much.

      • Kent


        In the minds of anti-American idiots, China is in America.

    • @Triathlynne

      Actually it's Tayside in Scotland.

  • BobbaFett

    Wow, when did the states become a overweight, redneck, government fulla boobs kind of place. Does anyone remember when living in the states was awesome? Can we have a post of America's awesomeness next? And not the propaganda stuff either. I'm talkin about Lingerie football, coffee flavored beer, joe fuggin camel, the Delorian, and Jimmie Hendrix. You know. The real awesomeness.

    • Dr. Brown

      lol the delorean's main existence was to get cocaine into ur country. but ur right, thats still kinda 'merican. with the illegal drugs gettin in and no one seeming to know where from …nudge nudge wink wink

      • Johnny English

        And they were all built in Ireland

  • Nick

    I'm real glad that I don't have to eat my fries with tomato-ketchup. Yuk..
    Also Americans: Who invented the beer? Thhaaat's right!

    • sarcasticunt

      the egyptians or some amazonian tribe invented beer , or and asian country ,

      who did invent the beer ?

      • amrith777

        The Sumerians invented beer.

    • Tony Miteff

      what is that mayo? mayo is nasty no matter what you put it on!

    • SEH

      The Egyptians!

    • SlicyDicy

      the egyptians im pretty sure

    • guest

      the egyptians

    • moe

      I'm hearing egypt

  • spook

    fucking stupid post.

  • TiminPhx

    What a stupid collection of photos. Many have nothing to do with the United States and it doesn't have any consistent theme. It's like a big collection of photos that someone had left over and who has a passive-aggressive attitude towards Americans.

    • northerner

      It has a bunch to do with US. The obese woman in front of the Stars and Stripes is indicative of what America has degenerated to as well as too many of the other pics. We love our stomachs more than Freedom, Liberty, Honor, Character, Integrity. The guy with the "man boobs" dressed in American Flag shorts is so wrong…on many points. Suck it up American. We [bleeped] up many years ago and are paying the price…we lost it.

  • wtf podcast

    Can someone explain #5 to me . I think sense of humor is partly why europe isn't as funny as north merica' .

    • :)!

      Uhm…….. you know how africa has shitty houses? well so does america. Its stating that europe has the best housing. which is true.

      • Kev

        Unless I'm mistaken, a large number of houses constructed in America (or maybe just in certain parts of America, i'm not sure) are timber-framed, or in some cases particular sections are entirely pre-fabricated. Here in Europe, however, the standard is typically concrete blocks and mortar. Now that's not to say we don't have timber-framed houses, in fact the house that went up next to me last year is timber-framed, but they're relatively rare.

        In short, our houses are generally more structurally sound.

  • mahalo


    Chive is trying to be more than a fun site , please stop this chive ,

    we don't want your fake russian virginity for money experiment hoax , or sad attempts at getting social disscussions going .

    weird stuff , lolcatz and boobs . no your place .

    • KNOWS how to spell

      Learn to spell.

  • Mullie

    Beer, or at least the modern variety that we drink now, was invented in Pilsen (Czech Republic) around 1830.

    • antonioperu

      Another western euro-amero lie the media would like you to believe . Beer was invented in south america over 7 thousand years ago .

      • smack

        Mullie is more or less correct.

        Egyptian/Sumerian beer was more of a mead…a honey based drink. South American beer was made from cocoa and was a fermented chocolate drink (there is an interesting story about attempts to re-create the "recipe"). Fermented barley and rye beer is a more modern invention from Europe, tracing its roots to the last little ice age when grape crops failed destroying wine yields and barley and rye crops were "blighted" leading to faster fermentation. Combine the fermentation with a lack of wine and viola: modern beer.

        • smack

          should be "voila", not a musical instrument.

  • Kent

    The US is the consistently the most under-appreciated country on the planet.

    I love it when snarky Canadians, Australians, and Eurotrash talk shit about the US, but they don't realize they're doing so on an American website. They're using an American browser, an American computer OS, on a computer that was designed by Americans (albeit physically constructed in Asia), all on the internet which was invented by the US military.

    Then those same anti-American fucktards will go watch American TV and movies, listen to American music with technology that was invented by Americans. Then they'll grab food out of the refrigerator which was invented by Americans, use a Microwave oven which was invented by Americans, and generally imitate American culture while simultaneously demonstrating their hilariously ironic, undeserved sense of superiority over the country that is the foundation of their existence.

    USA: invents fucking everything and lands man on the moon.
    Europe, Canada, Australia: Butthurt, obsessive losers.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      "USA: invents fucking everything"…Oh dear.

      How about the television, the radio, the telephone, fax machines, the jet engine, the turbojet engine, gas turbine, the first VTOL aircraft, the jet airliner, the supersonic airliner, radar, the screw propeller, the railway, the underground railway, tarmac, submarines, hovercrafts, hydrofoils, the computer, handheld computers, handheld tv's, the pocket calculator, the world wide web, the typewriter, Teletext, the SMS, the LED, the microphone, stereo sound, the postage stamp, the home of the Industrial Revolution, the microchip, the electric battery, electric engine, electromagnetic generator, the transformer, the diesel engine, the fuel cell, fibre-optics, communications satellites, the bicycle, computer games, digital audio players, stainless steel, aluminium, silicone, fizzy drinks, the Periodic Table, the first police force, DNA fingerprinting, iris recognition and where protons, neutrons, electrons, planets, spiral galaxies, pulsars, comets, sunspots and DNA were discovered, penicillin, insulin, anaesthetics, the cure for smallpox, football, tennis, golf, rugby, table tennis, boxing, badminton and others…….Clue: All from one country.

      Maybe fellow Europeans can help with their countries? I'll start:

      "lands man on the moon"…using German technology and scientists.

      "USA: invents fucking everything"…Really?

      • little englander

        the british invented most things that are useful even before america was born, even now all the brains in the states are imported. Don't you have education over there, if you did you would know this.

        • Kent

          Yeah, we do have education over here. You know, the education system that dominates has beats the crap out of British universities.

        • Kent

          Yeah, we do have education over here. You know, the education system that dominates in the world and beats the crap out of British universities.

          • AnyoneForCoffee

            How much per year to attend one of those top ten US universities? Genuinely curious.

            (Oxford, Cambridge and ICL annual fees are max £3,290 this year.)

            • Kent

              Funny, despite your cheap subsidized education for your citizens, Americans still have higher educational attainment:… (pg42)

              —Attainment of higher education—

              United States: 31% (the highest in the OECD)
              United Kingdom: 23%

              Go cry, limey.

              • dave

                Your point being what? Quality of life is lower in the US than in the rest of the developed world, pretty much. Not to mention your lives are shorter because you guys don't seem to understand healthcare.

                But, whatever. I can see you've got a star-spangled hard-on, so you're busy.

                • P-90

                  People in Scotland (Generally considered to be the unhealthiest in Europe) have a longer life expectancy than Americans.

                • Brian the Brit

                  British healthcare sucks. Sure U.S. healthcare is more expensive, but its the best money can buy.

                  • I. P. Freely

                    That's just not true.

      • Kent

        Almost all of those things that you just claimed aren't American inventions in fact are. It's hilarious how you Brits rewrite history to rob the US of credit.

        The US was responsible for the moon landings. saying it was only German technology and scientists is pretty hilarious, typical of the anti-American idiocy rearing its head, considering the Germans themselves stole American designs for liquid-fuelled rocketry, from Robert Goddard, an American.

        • AnyoneForCoffee

          Ah, FFS.

          "Almost all of those things that you just claimed aren't American inventions in fact are"

          Such as?

        • fasterthanu

          You're a fucking loser.

        • dave

          Great come-back. It was German technology and scientists – the V2 rocket, and Werner von Braun (the Nazi scientist) – who got man on the moon. Before the US took a bunch of V2 rockets back to the US after WWII (Operation Paperclip), the US had no space program, nor the technical ability to gain one in any short time.

          How does it feel to be speaking English, asshole?

    • tommo

      i think that if you look it up the internet was invented by an englishman for you fuckwits!

      • Kent

        No, you brainless pommie twat.

        This is a perfect example of Brits rewriting history then claiming it as fact, desperate to rob the US of credit for American inventions.

        History lesson:
        The INTERNET predates Tim Berners-Lee's work by 20 years. The INTERNET is the TCP/IP protocol which was invented by Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn, two AMERICANS working for the US military:
        The TCP/IP protocol is the actual technology that transfers data. The "web" (which is not the same thing) however is a system of code that Tim Berners-Lee created that is transmitted VIA the internet, but is not the internet. The web is a system of hypertext that dictates page format that organizes itself in a browser, it's just visual interface essentially. You can use the internet without using the web, you cannot use the web without using the internet. The TCP/IP is the foundational technology, the web is just something that uses it.

        Saying that Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet is like saying you designed and built a car when all you did was paint it. All the most important scientific and technological hurdles that resulted in the internet today were done by Americans. Tim Berners-Lee had precisely fuck all to do with packet-switching. He was not an engineer, he was a code monkey.

        But please, continue to demonstrate how every single aspect of anti-Americanism is based on lies, which in turn are based on the desperation twats like you have to rob the US of credit to cope with your inferiority.

        • dave

          What the fuck are you smoking? Packet switching was invented in Manchester (which is in the UK). Without that, there would be no internet. It seems you are arguing from ignorance.

        • P-90

          You are either the worlds biggest troll or the world biggest idiot.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        The internet, the hardwire network over which traffic is sent, was developed in the USA.

        The working structure of World Wide Web, the internet's contents, was a British invention.

        Out of interest, the UK's 'internet', known as Prestel, was developed in the 70s as an 'interactive information-sharing network for public use'. It became one of the original large-scale WANs, included email, online multi-player games, software downloads, online shopping, job-searching applications and online bank payment systems, linking via phone lines and accessed initially through televisions, then later computers. This began merging into the internet and WWW as their respective protocols gained popularity.

        Edukashun's kool, innit!

        • dave

          To be more accurate – lots of different technology from around the world was brought together to create large national networks in a number of countries, but one of the first places to have such a network was in the US.

    • Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

      A country that's the foundation of their exsitence? That's why the world "under-appreciates" you . You sound like a loud mouthed, irgnorant red-neck that thinks the world owes them something. You wouldn't have a fucking clue as to the countries that have contributed to your everyday life. Inventions, wars, culture and so on do not belong to America. Do you give China the recognision you think America deserves for its production? The money we pay for you're products would have surely fuelled something into the economy, right? Where's our appreciation? Have a sense and humour and stop crying like a little bitch. Most the time, we're laughing with you.

    • sandwichnao

      true that but without euro-trash we wouldnt even be here O.o indians would be there! MAHGAWD!

    • so sorry for you!

      typical yank! spouting off about things they know very little about. Beautiful country inhabited mostly by halfwits.

      • Kent

        Typical mouthy limey faggot, mouthing off about things you know precisely fuck all about.

        Nation of toothless, uneducated, tea-sipping hypocrites.

        • dave

          Idiot. Seriously. It's attitudes like yours, where your country is perfect, that causes a shit-tonne of strife in the world. It's all fun and games being the Internet Tough Guy, but when that attitude seeps into real life, people start to die. It's sad, you're sad, this whole damn thing is sad.

        • The Knowledge

          The Brits officially have the healthiest teeth in the world.

    • P-90

      Hahahah not a single thing you said is true, well done..

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Credit where credit's due, the USA did invent this global recession, royally f*cking up the entire global financial market in the process!

      And you have to admit that's AWESOME!

      • smack

        I'm not gonna lie, the U.S. had a large (if not the largest ) hand in the recent global recession, but you might want to check into a few things first:

        One, those credit-default swaps that were the prime facilitator of taking the recession global were developed and implemented in which AIG office? (hint, London).

        Two, global credit freezes were the result of which countries' banks leveraging themselves beyond 100% (in some cases beyond 200%) of operational capital thereby leading world-wide credit markets to freeze? (hint: the U.S. has regulated capital leveraging of banks since the great depression limiting them to 85%)

      • Kent

        It's funny how people like you like to blame the US and the US alone for a global recession. Yet you ignore that if the US has the power to do this, that means that the economic well being of the world before the recession was owed entirely to the US.

        If a recession in the US causes a recession in the entire world, then the growth of those economies before and after recession is due to the US economy.

        You can't have it both ways. You're either dependent on us or you're not.

        • Danielle Vaughan

          Team Kent !
          Our country can beat up your country, get over it. usa ftw

    • God Almighty

      I f it wasn't for me inventing everything you idiots wouldn't have the chance to sit here and bitch about who invented what so STFU… Oh yeah, I also invented the vagina…You're welcome ~ GOD

    • fasterthanu

      "USA: invents fucking everything and lands man on the moon."

      And what have you done?
      What makes you better than entire continents and countries?

      Face it, the reason you shout all that verbal bullshit online is cos you haven't done shit in your life ya fucking loser.

    • Da Cuntstabber

      Wait 20 years man you just wait 20 years

  • Notorious PIG

    #4 is a British Victor Bomber, you can even see the RAF roundels on the side. Must do better Chive.

    • ALGORE

      AMericas own wright brothers invented manned flight , british plane , american invention , Suck It Dry ,

      USA USA USA USA USA USA ! And USA invented the internet .

      • auh2o

        you're right that it's not an american bomber, but i think that's a french flag on the tail. the french use the roundel too.

        • JustDan

          no its RAF, I always wondered why they had the French flag on the tail but they do, I'm sure google will telle us why.

      • SlicyDicy

        leonardo D'vinci designed the first aircraft an Italian, the Wright brothers just built it, manned flight had been happening before the Wright brothers, the Wright brothers were credited with the first powered flight.

        Jet technology was developed by the Germans primarily

        The technology for most of the U.S. fighter line as well as the space program came straight from the Arrow project in the 1950s a Canadian design, it completely redesigned fighter aircraft, if you look at fighters before the arrow and after the arrow, you can tell the designs are lifted directly from the Arrow. a good example is the Valkyrie.

        It wasn't american Ingenuity it was the ability to through money at a situation

        and I'm pretty sure CERN developed the internet decades before the US

    • Roger J. Breit

      Thanks for posting this, I noticed the roundels immediately and wondered what this photo had to do with 'Merica.

    • AV Fan

      Thanks for pointing that out, I love the Victors and was wondering how anyone managed to think that British roundels meant 'Merica. Guess our schools really DO suck. 😉

  • Moonpie

    Is #16 John Candy?

  • auh2o

    #4 is not british! it has a tri-color flag on the tail. probably french.

    • Yaz
      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Let's not forget the Vulcan. A f*cking awesome piece of kit if ever there was one. It could even do barrel rolls!

    • Brit

      you sir, are a knob

    • anonymous

      it's british you moron.

    • Titanm

      Auh20 *Facepalm*

  • Anonymous

    12,,,,,,,,,, OMG !,,,,,,,, delete,delete !

  • robin yates

    12,,,OMG ! please delete this disgusting pic

    • european

      why??? Are you looking better now?

    • john v.

      apparently that Juggalo has lost some weight.

  • auh2o

    oops. i'm wrong. fatscuba is correct. i looked it up at apparently (and inexplicably) the british used to paint that thing on the tail.

  • Wikipedia nut.

    #19 is Brittney Spears.

    • Danielle Vaughan

      no dumbass, its the sarah palin lookalike pornstar

  • MiPo1977

    Dear god, These comments made me forget what i was going to comment about….what was this post again??

  • vince

    Face it- without America, Europe would consist of 2 countries: Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.
    You're welcome.

    • mutual friend

      True and many thanks, but without Europe your country would consist of only native americans and mexicans! Good luck.

    • P-90

      And wothout Europe, America wouldn't exists at all, you're are welcome.

    • vince

      You're right ! Without European sovereignty suppressing peoples freedoms, our forefathers never would have left, and created the greatest country in the world. Thanks again for the incentive! I have noticed though, how that sovereignty has waned in Europe over the last 200 years. I guess you eventually got the hint, too.

      • femtrooper

        Without the French, America would still belong to the British..

        • vince

          We repaid THAT debt…D-Day. Does that ring a bell? Or did you forget about when the Germans marched through the Arc de Triomphe?

          • WowThisFuckingGuy

            You didn't repay shit, dumbass. Nor should you. I'm sick of people using their grandparents'/great grandparents' achievements as their own. Shut the fuck up and enjoy what you have. Then think about how you can contribute to someone else's wellbeing instead of living this fantasy of having given the French an ounce of support yourself.

            By the way, look up sovereign – you clearly don't understand the word. You make Americans look stupid with your bad vocabulary and arrogant, shitty attitude.

      • dave

        Read a history book. Your ignorance is palpable.

      • I. P. Freely

        Read a history book and know you're view of history is more than slightly wrong.

  • Johan

    Without Europe, America would still be Indian territory.

    • swde


    • Kent

      Without America, Europe would be Nazi territory.

      • The furor

        Curse you Pesky Americans, My plan almost worked. If it wasnt for you and that damn dog i would have succeeded!!!

      • The Knowledge

        Apart from the FACT that it wouldn't

    • Chief

      The PC term is Native American…Would you like a free comp to one of our many Casinos

  • idonthave1

    #14 is a kid in china, not america… the kid had some kind of sickness and he broke the largest baby record in china.

  • Bobb

    #4 Is not an American bomber.

    • craptastico

      it's French. what could be less American than that?

  • Summer

    Sigh… see instead of pointing fingers at all countries and trying to figure out which one is the best, i rather think about what i am lucky to have:

    I am not starving, i have a roof over my head and so does most people (ya ya i know there is homeless people out there), i have free healthcare, i have a very good job, i aint poor and live rather comfortably… etc etc.

    A lot of countries have contributed for the best or the worst to bring the world where it is now. We can complaint that USA did this and that, or that Europe is this and that, but honestly, who cares. Live and let live. No worry, be happy.

    My 2 cents.

    • MarkAssBuster

      Well put Summer. Hakuna Matata my friend….

  • SomethingClever

    19 is an obvious photoshop. The idea of her as a teacher is just too far fetched for it not to be a doctored photo.

    • northerner

      I, too, think it is photoshopped. She's a gorgeous woman but would not be so attired. She's got class. Not what is depicted there.

    • bob

      It's Lisa Ann from one of her scenes, with Palin's face. The two look relatively similar, and Lisa Ann regularly impersonates her in porn.

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