• John

    I miss college 😦

  • dan

    all i see is a smoking hot coed

    • EdSki

      I see at least two.

  • tuneup

    that thing is fucking huge, man

    • mike

      thats what she said

  • hucksta

    psh wtf …I work at a hotel and some kids from the Australian Navy actually did a beer bong from the 5th story, and one kid chugged down 4 beers in one bonghit, not to mention one of the Australian girl sailors chugged 5 shots of tequila from it. These UW guys are barely amateur. and their chicks have no hips, breasts, or ass..I've seen popsicle sticks with more curves than these girls!

    • Thedongsofwar

      Damn dude, I thought she was alright.

    • roy

      why so angry? have a hug…

    • anon sconnie

      actually that's a small beer bong for around here, that's not even on frat row

      keep in mind this is also 10:00am in the morning

  • OMR

    The chicks got a massive forehead.

  • Jake

    It's not a photobomb if it's the reason why the photo was taken in the first place. This is obviously a "Hey quick, take a picture of this awesome thing" thing. The picture is perfectly framed.

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