Alabama has built the coolest ship in the Navy (19 HQ Photos)

This is the USS Independence (LCS 2). It was built at the Austal shipyard in Mobile, Alabama. These are photos the USS Independence's test trials for final inspection by the Navy. Good job Tide.

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  • dougp


  • fibonnaci5150

    you'll never see me hate on military spending, got my word

  • fibonnaci5150

    it's the hedge to fear

  • Batex

    oh i thought it was a badly laid out footy pitch – i think it might be the mobile fast-response tri-maran entertainment support for the navy boys!?

  • POBulkhead

    I hope it can live up to its name. I spent 3 1/2 years aboard the U.S.S. INDEPENDENCE (CV-62)

  • SIrTrollsAlot

    World's most expensive stealth helipad.

  • chippy

    its main purpose is catching pirates who raid ships in speed boats on the open sea.

    Awesome looking boat, Designed and Made by and Australian company!

  • MarkAssBuster

    anyone know how fast it goes?

    • AV Fan

      In the neighborhood of 42-45 knots.

    • mrknowitall

      top speed 60 knots

  • NavyAdam

    LCS stands for "Littoral Combat Ship". It will have a lot of roles, but most of those missions will take place close to shore where our larger ships (Cruisers and Destroyers) can not operate.

  • FLHomesteader

    That is an awesome looking ship!

    oh, and:

    …. War Eagle.

    'Nuff said

    • war beast

      war damn eagle my friend

  • Alf

    @everyone: the guns are hidden inside those "cannon holes" you see on the sides. And I also believe it can lay mines in shallow water, something subs can't easily do.

    • LT Rusty, USNR

      You, sir, are an idiot.

      The gun is mounted on the bow. There's a point defense missile mount on the superstructure aft, over the helo hangars.

    • Dave Webb

      Those are not "cannon holes" – they are vents. The Navy hasn't had "cannon ports" since we used wooden ships. The gun (5"54) is the funny looking thing with a barrel just forward of the bridge (the place with all the windows) and the CIWS (Vulcan Phalanx -R2D2 with a hard-on) is just aft of the mast. it also looks like possible vertical launcher pods just below the bridge and just aft of the 5"54.

  • xxx

    Why does it have a basketball field on it ?

    • Ima Guest

      Because the military spends most of its time stood down. Why waste the space in port?

    • its called a court

      whats a basketball field?

      • rood

        it's when you play basketball on grass I guess.

    • guest55

      hahahahaha basketball field

    • Fuzzvfd08

      you aint to bright are ya, that basketball COURT is called a HELIPAD…its for helicopters to take off from and land onto

  • LT Rusty, USNR

    This is one of the most pointless ships ever constructed for any military. The LCS concept in general, I mean, not just LCS 2.

    The whole LCS, LPD 17 and DDG 1000 programs were all fashionable 1990's-era bullshit smoke screens that somehow actually got built. Wastes of money from the word go.

    WRT the LCS, specifically, the modular concept is utter shit. Yes, certainly you can build 10 ships and then if you build the right numbers of modules, you can have give each ship the capability to do mine warfare, surface warfare, ASW, etc. But there's problems – first off, you can't carry all the modules at the same time, and you can't change them out at sea. So if you're in the NAG and you find out that you need a mine warfare module … you gotta go all the way back to Diego to get one. Oh, and that's if they even have one available for you. They're not going to be building nearly enough of them.

    Gah. I could go on about this for days.

    Let's just say that, when it comes to talking to the surface warfare professionals, the science on this one ain't settled.

    • SWO USN

      It's not bullshit.

      And it's light years from the DDG 1000/Zumwalt concept.

      It's the Navy struggling for relevance. And brown water is where it's looking. You think CVBGs matter that much anymore when B-2s and B-1s can tote JDAMs from the continental U.S. and blow away huge chunks of infrastructure? The current navy of CVNs, CGs, and DDGs was constructed to tussle with Admiral Gorshkov's legacy. And that's rusting alongside the pier at Murmansk and Petropavlovsk. China's all about DDs and SSs. Forget their SSNs for now.

      The LCS is an attempt to use off-the-shelf components to create warships that are better at current missions like interdiction and inshore patrol work.

      And so what if the modules can't be swapped out at sea? You leave port with one mission in mind. Or did you think the LCS was built for long patrols at sea?

      I agree that it's not a settled issue. But to label it pointless is, I think, premature. Other navies around the world have corvettes and frigates as their workhorses. This is an (expensive!) attempt to do the same for our navy. I dunno if I support it, but I don't know that I think it's awful, either.

      • Chap

        If the "LCS is an attempt to use off-the-shelf components to create warships that are better at current missions like interdiction and inshore patrol work", then it failed. If it were an attempt to build something that supposedly is littoral that's bigger than a WWII cruiser, cost more than an LA class submarine with just a 3" gun and 38 line shaft bearings, and is touted as "stealthy" when any clown with a C802 on a truck can SEE the thing to hit it, then it succeeded. You ever see this thing parked next to a destroyer?

        Austal built well. The concept they were paid to built is nowhere near what Clark originally said he wanted, nothing near what they were using as initial ideas from other navies, and is with LPD-17 proof that the Navy is seriously broken. It's a damned shame.

      • LT Rusty

        Corvettes and frigates are great. We need them, absolutely.

        Problem is, this isn't the one that we need.

        We need something that has some sort of organic capability built into it. The only organic capability this thing has is a 57mm gun and RAM. What good is that going to do?

        I agree, we're not looking to tussle with Gorshkov anymore, absolutely. But if you think this thing can play in the same battlespace as the new Chinese Navy, then you're smoking the same stuff that the Navy's current leadership is. China is building fake Burkes now. You think this can mix it up with a Type 052C or 052D? I sure as hell don't.

        The US Navy has spent the last 10-15 years shooting itself in the foot. LCS, LPD 17, Zumwalt, the F-35, and the F/A-18E/F are all the result.

  • R.J.

    is that a photoshopped coke can?

    • Rick

      no, she just happens to be holding the same "Diet Coke can" that comes up in google images

  • the dude

    i know what i want for Christmas

  • anonymous

    Actually, built by AUSTAL, an Australian company, that set up a US presence to bid on the contract.
    The ship was actually commissioned 2010 Jan, so this is old news.

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  • equalizermax

    Those Rednecks really knows how to build crazy contraption, they even made a football field at back for pig chasing…

  • BFPA61

    Sheethead Elimination. Go Navy!

  • Seb

    What the fuck IS that monstrosity?

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  • fasterthanu

    Its cool, but wouldn't want that piece on my battleships board. Cant be hard to miss.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Yeah! Kill people! Woo-hoo! Awesomeness!

  • i<3thenavy

    alright, lets leave a giant streak so that the enemy knows where we are, WOOHOO!

  • Icechen1

    That is one awesome beat to be on!

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