Daily Afternoon Randomness (38 Photos)

  • Damien

    38 is smoking. i'd date her.

  • Randy

    #28, Mark form Topeka is hot!

  • Ragnar

    what ?? i think that girl in # 38 is the hottest thing i have seen all day . so hot and cute in the same time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shadowgoomba Tom Staples

    No… the bullet would have to be following a magnetic field for it to be affected by magnets. Mythbusters tried it, and it took very powerful, very heavy magnets that were mounted very close to the bullets trajectory to affect it.

  • aroundit

    those are genetically modified strawberries

  • Bob

    38 is hot, cept for the crap tats.

  • thatguy

    Ive got bad news for you, you're gay, better start figuring out how to tell your parents

  • nouu

    #38 you r prolly one of those dumbasses that only likes asian chicks..err ladyboys.

  • scotiaman

    #38…she not attractive!Sexy,Hot, gorgeous,beautiful, alluring,pretty,adorable,inviting,did I say SEXY,delicious looking,curvaceous,appealing,bewitching,captivating,charming,enticing,teasing….but not attractive!!!
    I'll take her if nobody wants her…give me a name and email or some hookup place..Facebook,twitter,myspace..whatever!!!

  • sanji

    28 is soo hot! #38 nice body, but the duck face? c'mon!

  • Sergio


    My thoughts? _You`re either a woman or gay…

  • northerner

    #15, obvious blond moment, forgot how to walk in heels. GREAT legs on her helpful friend bending down to assist. Nice panty line too…yum!

  • jamie

    your gay dude

  • couchjesus1264

    #38… all your friends are right. more?

  • Chaz

    #38, are you blind? – hell yeah!!

    -but just to be safe i'd make sure she's not tucking in a penis between those thighs first before anything goes too far. better safe than sorry.

  • Kris Coleman


    She's total hotness in the dirty kind of way

    I'd hit it until she popped

  • Anonymous

    #38 Oh fuck yes!

  • USLethal

    #38 Further exhibits may be needed…

  • John

    Guess what.. you're gay.

  • macrda

    #32 Woweee!


    #38 send her y way she Frakken Hot

  • Anonymous

    that girl is sexy as hell… i dont know what you were thinking

  • RiceMunch

    #38, clearly he is gay and just doesn't know it yet..

  • Jared

    #38 She looks… DIrty.. not like a sexy dirty.. like she needs a good shower.. Then Its on. Ill leave a 20 on the dresser.

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