People I’m so glad not to be related to (26 Photos)

  • Viking

    If there is a point, I'm not getting it.

  • garp

    …hey, when you realize you're a little fucked up in the head, why settle for a little?

  • kingblc

    "seemed like a good idea at the time"

  • Merc

    21 isnt a freak like the rest, he was just going for the world record of the most piercings in one session. 24 was probably doing the same.

  • Djos

    really WTF with these people ?!

  • mattythegooch

    Club Tattoo in Tempe, fucking blows.

  • Ken

    #3 made me gag a little bit.

    If one wants to wear a mask, why not just go out a get a mask?

  • robsterling

    I have just one tattoo and it is on my pecker. I had a $100 bill tattooed on it because my ex-wife wouldn't blow me but she would damn sure blow 100 bucks.

  • Skedaddle to Seattle

    Dad- I'd like you to meet my new boyfriend….

  • Bunny

    Some people just take it way to far…
    I feel sick

  • fasterthanu

    Interesting to see how #16 does coke now

  • guest

    where can I get the one from #18 done for my wife?

  • Jen

    omg, ahhhh!

  • adam

    Those are not something to be proud of.

  • ronny veritas

    I love the fact that there are people like this on the planet. If everyone was the same, being alive would be even more boring than it is.
    I wouldn't ever "mod" myself or even get a piercing- but dammit, I can really appreciate someone who truly doesn't care what you think. They are truly free.
    And BTW- many people who mod themselves like this are financially secure, or work in the tattoo / piercing / mod industry and pay taxes. Just like I do.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Truly free? Not caring what other think? Then why are they showing off and begging so desperately for attention?

  • Some Body

    #9 a dude or a chick? Well regardless, IT is ugly.

    • Tankus

      There's beard regrowth if you look carefully!

  • Maddog

    #9… don't you think Mickey Rourke has taken plastic surgery just a little too far?

    I guess the crap sewing that girl's mouth shut in # 18 can be useful.

  • Big Ed

    I'de just like to say, you are all a bunch of close minded fucks, and you know what I'm sure none of these people give a fuck about your approval. We should be so lucky to live in a society that allows us to be who we want to be, just because it doesn't conform to the standard concept of what beautiful is doesn't mean to someone that they aren't special and beautiful, and as far as careers anyone ever consider that they are fucking piercers or tattoo artist duh! What a bunch of dumb shits not to mention the IT field doesn't really give a fuck as long as you can do your fucking job. why don't you go and ridicule the tribesmen and women from other nations who do body mods as part of their culture fucking ass-hats have a latte and a happy go fuck yourself

    • Ken

      If they don't care what we think, then why would you?

      Judgment and ridicule only naturally goes with making strong counter-culture expression. And there are some strong-ass statements being made in this gallery. In fact, the strong reaction that they get from people is so inevitable, that I'd expect that is one of the reasons they do it!

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  • Vince

    Some people are not getting laid tonight

  • Joey Mitchell

    The fuck is wrong with people these days.. Where the fuck do they get off thinking that's cool or acceptable in society… Sure, you can express yourself freely but you look like a fucking moron.

  • adam

    New Jersey's unemployment office?

  • zerolbcool

    in #1 and #9 real i mean the eyes ..reptilian?? creepy

  • Dewey

    #9 I'm not gonna sleep for weeks…

  • OneClownShoe

    How do these "people" travel? I'm sure not by plane. Everyone behind them at the security check point would miss their flight.

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