People I’m so glad not to be related to (26 Photos)

  • Sue

    This is all sorts of WTF!!!!

  • ttmab7

    If I recall correctly, 21 got all of those piercings done in one sitting. Didn't have a single piercing before that. It's a new world record now.

  • derrtyrob

    I am all about tattoos and piercings, but these people are fucking retarded. Good job not having a real job.

  • john

    I'd do #18 and #24 hands down

  • A[d]min

    کسخلا! دیوانن به خدا اینا 😡

  • Me Hung Lo

    Cocaine's a helluva drug

  • kitkat63376

    Looking at this post again after a while…no. 24…f***ing her would be like f***ing an alligator!!

  • donyale


  • AzzMan

    Good God! i don't even have a tattoo…

  • John

    24 is mostly temp piercings, they'll get pulled out and heal back up.

  • RAT

    #18 is way hotter the skin and bones #20

  • Mememememememe

    Worst reply ever. Do you even have an opinion? Passive douche.

  • dianac

    I love tattoos and piercings but this is WAY too much. Do any of these people still get laid?

  • rossy

    dawn guys your so crazy i never could do that

  • barrister

    Everyone has issues. These people have a lot more.

  • Maherart

    I wonder if #25 has a jewel in his belly button and live under a bridge with all the other trolls….I miss the 80's wishing trolls….

  • laughing

    I think I'll wear the scars from mommy and daddy on my face – ta da!

  • JediMike

    um… is #25 trying to be a scene girl?

  • dfasdf

    I'm relatively sure it's legal to smash these people in the face with a bat if you see them.

  • Ionut Mosoiu

    how could they live like that

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