Hot Right Now: Everyone knows not to feed your dog chocolate, here’s what else is on the list (25 Photos)

Speakin’ of tattoos, if you have one of these we’re friends (25 Photos)

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  • shanna_SA

    Omg cOOKie mOnster is sooo awesome!!!!

  • Sex symbols, athletes, and Tour de France.  /  Welcome to Freshman Year

    […] hilarious pop culture tattoos. […]

  • fuzz

    #10 #14 haha i like those !

  • MikeyMateXD

    Ha. Bob Ross. What a fuckin' legend.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, people are stupid.

  • USLethal

    #25 Al Bundy, the legend. Four touchdowns in a single game, Polk High Panthers hall of famer.

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