Firepower Friday: Israeli's main battle tank and other guns (29 med-res Photos)

The Merkava is Israel's main battle tank. It's most current generation is the Mark IV which has been up-dated for urban combat. Mark IV runs on a 1,200hp diesel engine and a 120mm gun that has been up-dated from the Mark III to fire at a higher rate and use a wider variety of ammunitions. Along with it's main gun, it also has a 12.7 mm machine gun.

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures of your favorite main battle tank
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  • fuzzybeard2016

    God bless the Women of the IDF! Shabbat Shalom!

  • timrs09

    tell me these chicks don't actually exist
    kind of just got depressed and looking into getting a ticket for Israel

  • Henk

    Wishing Israel would only use that crap as defense, instead of offense..
    Who pays for those tanks anyways??< My guess is Stupid Americans.

    Nice chicks btw

    • Ben

      I believe the glorious IDF has successfully defnded themselves from six Arab invasions and attacks since 1948. Wish granted.

  • Private

    25 is a Thai tranny!

    • Rick

      she (and it is a she) did this for an Uzi web site, they're OK pics

    • Yoda

      Never insult the lady with the gun. Normal women are mental. Armed women are dangerous. Lots of arabs have found this to be true. To be honest though, even if she was a tranny (which she's not) I'd still nail her! Proper fit chick.

  • Feterline

    Love Shebrews.

  • Anonymous

    Isreli wimmin FTW

  • wdx

    no.28 is Agam Rodberg.

  • Dreamy

    If you do a post of the Abrams & the merkava, don't forget to do the leopard 2 and challenger 2 If you haven't don't those already :p

  • Cole

    And the armies of Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and Trans-Jordan.

    • T-Boz

      All the super powers then, and 30 years ago! Well done sir , touche!

  • BlueZoo

    Merkava4 is one of the top 5 best tanks of the world,it can compete with M1 abrams tank and the russian main battle tank T90.

  • pago

    looks like they reverse engineered the millennium falcon for the turret

  • Shipoopi

    she is a 24 year old Israeli model.
    Her name is Agam Rodberg.
    You welcome.

  • equalizermax

    #11 – the one tank I want to go inside…

  • Spike

    Fucking hell, okay… Israel misuses it's army. Is it supposed to not have an army, though?

  • Cqcumber

    More hot jewish military babe plz!

  • Cole

    The first to envoke the 'Nazi' angle is the first to releate their argument invalid. For future reference, remeber that the Grand Mufti (Arafat's mentor) was quite friendly with Hitler.

    • fasterthanu

      No, I do not remember the Grand Mufti since I wasn't even born yet but I do remember the 2009 Gaza invasion and the murder of 926 Palestinian civilians as-well as the Turkish flotilla massacre.

      The reason I called Israel the Nazi Germany of the middle east is because that is their strongest comparison, I could also have called them the South Africa of this generation but I chose the Nazi relation.

      Judaism is one of the world’s greatest religions. Zionism the worlds most disgusting and inhumane nationalist movement and its the uneducated, blood-thirsty, zealot parasites like yourself with your pig ignorant blind support who keep the bombs dropping.

      • T-Boz

        I tip my hat to you sir. Well done.

      • Cole

        Wow! Lets hear it for rational discourse.

      • Yoda

        Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. If you want peace, Prepare for war. The best defence is a good offence. I'm not trying to justify Israel's recent history but if you'd been attacked by all of your neighbours, you'd walk the streets armed. Such a pity they keep killing journalists though. We'll miss them when Iran nukes them.



  • Your Mom

    Merkava is my top modern tank. It's quite innovative too, front engine, capable of transport soldier at its back door. Oh damn, wish it was for sale 😀

    • sevoverkill

      you could buy the Merkava Mk III Dor Dalet they are for sale for foreign governments

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  • ron

    #26 isn't a merkava it's a magah 7

  • Daniel A.

    remember when people talk about Israel's "misuse" of its army, they always neglect the fact that Israel has constantly been attacked on all fronts for the last 60 years.

    2009 invasion response to rocket attacks by terrorist groups, i was there when w gave locals food while Hamas fired from civilian areas to intentionally cause collateral damage.

    as for the flotilla incident check online and see how passengers on the Mavi Marmara attacked troops before they even boarded, then ask yourself why all the other ships had not a single injury amongst passengers or troops, some people have a great interest to blame Israel for every wrongdoing possible, dont buy into it.

    -Staff Sergeant Daniel A. former Merkava mark 4 gunner

    • Cole

      Shalom Daniel,
      I appreciate your service and dedication. Thank you for holding the front line.

    • Yoda

      Well said. Israel isn't set up for a war of attrition. Peace through superior fire-power. If anyone disagrees, they should walk a mile in this chaps shoes before commenting. Good man for posting your comment. Plus your girls are damn hot. That's always something to defend. ;-]

  • ar tee

    Who is that on #28? We need mored pictures of her. Please post more of her – #28

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