These people invented the deep-end (20 photos)

  • Pat

    How bout some Boobies!!!!!!!

  • CapnMarvel


    • Urmom

      last in getting a life

    • stafferty

      No, but you go home with to Complimentary prize. Enjoy the at home version of "Pop Goes The Hampster And Other Fun Microwave Games"

  • Franchise

    I think I'll be the first to say #18 like Pringles.

  • stefanhartman

    This is a vomit inducing post. I'm now sad i looked at it…

  • Greenerblues

    Bud Light is from NC? I wonder how that interview went….

  • Bud Bundy

    Bud Light for the EPIC win!

  • rawnoyz

    wow.. first. i guess.. anyway.. i didnt know what was so special about #14 with the hands coz i was able to do it with the first hand, then i realized that there was no way for me to do the 2nd hand. But obviously since he's not alone (someone else obviously had to take the pic)

    • klklklkl

      One is his hand and the other is his boyfriends

  • Stephan

    i like turtles

    • Brandon

      Yep, #2 isn't all that weird once you get the reference.

  • Piggy

    #11 has a great personality

    • stafferty

      After she ate the Nobel Prize winning congressman. Aforemention perssonality is now traped in her large intestines, presumably fighting a wild boar

  • tag

    11 makes me cringe…..*shiver*

    • DaddyD

      A match made in heaven … regression to the mean suggests that they will have beautiful children.

  • Vutdefock

    I feel much better about myself now.

  • JJJ

    #3 is beautiful.

  • stafferty

    I support Guerilla Che

  • SomethingClever

    4 cannot be unseen. Sleep will not come easy tonight. Thanks Chive.

  • equalizermax

    #17 – That is what his Dad was thinking when he was born…

  • Locode

    some of these are better as photo bombs

  • drbeene

    #2 likes turtles

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    #11: You know you're fat when your thighs eat the crotch of your shorts. o.0

  • yup

    Almost broke my fingers trying #14. I have come to the conclusion that finders are not meant to do that.

  • Uncommon sense

    12. chimp guevara!

  • Roadkill

    What the hell is #18 doing on this post? You can never have too many Pringles.

  • Gabriela Robyn Miranda

    #10: The Big Daddy behind the batman is fucking awesome.

  • Creeed Braton

    I know! i was like, Big Daddy in the back.

  • johndory

    12 is awesome!

  • Leonel

    #2 is Alli Speed from the CTFxC! 😛 Check her out on

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