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  • Viper

    Pretty good week, i'd say. 😀

  • Marcos Haubert

    decent week 🙂

  • Yutyut


  • 420

    13 & 44…hell ya

  • zach

    38 is Bubba the Love Sponge's wife. It's shocking because he is a fat prick… Funny as hell but a fat prick. Just goes to show what money can buy

    • its_forge

      Uch, that man is NOT funny. I have HD radio in my car so I haven't yet discovered all the different channels I can get, and I scan past him and he's sitting there affecting that stupid Wolfman Jack gravelly voice and mismodulating into the mic and he's just talking, and talking, and talking, and the other guys on the show are responding, and it's not funny at all, it's just fucking talking. Whoever thinks comedy morning radio is still a cool thing, in this age we are in, 30 years after Howard Stern went on the air (and he was far from the first actually), is suffering from a vast delusion and is probably only a small step away from thinking they're a houseplant. Ensemble morning radio was dead before Kurt Cobain was. It's stupid, it sucks and it needs to fucking stop.

  • mtr39

    it was ok, liked the 19 year old though

  • ima good humper

    I wanna B my L all over Natalie Portman's sweet Ts.

  • misainzig

    #16 = Lahey bomb?

    • bigertron

      Louie Del Grande lookin' mother fucker!

  • TiminPhx

    Number 25

    Oh, someone is worried about the cutting of taxes. I guess when you don't work and depend on the government to send your lazy worthless ass a check, the thought of working people wanting to keep more of their own money is kind of scary.

    Number 2

    You are either some EuroWeenie who you or your family lived under American protection for decades or are some American who wants to so very, very much wants to be chic.

    We get it. Many Americans eats the wrong foods. That is just so fresh, YAWN. Well, many French people need to bathe, English people need better denistry, and Germans…well, they should wait about 500 years more before they even think to say something critical about the USA.

    • DaddyD

      #25 … the asshole protesters were asking for ZERO taxes. I'd like to keep more of what I make, but I'm also willing to pay for some services that are best provided by the public sector.

      #2 … go home and practice your sense of humor.

      • TiminPhx

        Please, you are just another leftist that wants to whine because you are afraid you are going to loose your foodstamps and the disablity check you get after you fail off the stool while banging the family horse back in 1088.

        And just what services are provided for "best" by the public sector? You mean payoffs to teacher unions that continue to provide crappy education to the nation's kids? Or do you just want teachers to be able to take their students out on better dates? And do you mean roads and all that? Hmmm, they tend to contracted out to private firms, which of course pay the city council or whoever gave them the original contract kickbacks.

        Poor baby, the only Daddy that applies to your screen name, is the need to have big daddy government take care of you. Yeah, it's a scary world out there… Maybe one day, when you are a grown up, you won't have to be taken care of.

        And as to my sense of humor, I have one. It's just not triggered by the tired ole cliche about the USA being filled with fat slobs.

        • MIAMI

          Thank you for saying that, I couldn't agree more.

        • MiPo

          Boys, The Chive is a politics free zone

          • MIAMI

            No it's not. Many pictures are political. Except it's OK when they make fun of republicans and whites…right?

            • MiPo

              And you automatically jump to commenting on assuming that i agree with you on it being ok to make fun of republicans and whites…So by my simple comment you have assumed that I am a leftwinger who hates "the man"…. It is people like you and Tim above that make my point for The Chive being politics free…Chive posts and make fun of EVERYTHING!!! People who choose to take the pictures or themselves too seriously are usually the ones that start these ridiculous political comment streams…So i will now go continue my Saturday morning by making fun of white republicans

              • MIAMI

                Enjoy your Saturday, going shopping with food stamps? or just hanging around watching MSNBC?

                • MiPo

                  At best your assertions are juvenile attempts at humor. In addition your assumptions of me are also basically saying that collectively Chiver's are welfare collecting, food stamp having no-life's. So for my fellow successful Chiver's, I shall by proxy tell you, without assertion to go fuck yourself

                  • MIAMI

                    Seems as if you happened upon the word " assertion" on one of your days hiding at the public library pretending to look for employment. For your information, I am a chiver and you do not represent all chivers. Stop looking for support by pretending that u do. I'm not talking about "All Chivers" I'm talking about you looser.

                    • MiPo

                      You may want to visit a library yourself and pick up a dictionary and look up the differences in the words "looser" and loser. Two very different meanings. The former probably best describes your woman's state (see that, I made an assertion).

                      In regards as to who the Chive nation is agreeing with the proof is in your thumb down count on every comment you have made on this thread.

                    • Corey

                      When your boyfriend is ramming you in the butt does he say "Im in Miami trick"

                    • its_forge

                      I hate it when the Neanderfucks go off their reservations. Get back to the right-wing echo-chamber boards, you fucking Cromagnon, where it's okay to be a narrowminded white male moron.

                    • BigDingo


                    • its_forge

                      Hmm? I'm American and I'm from near Miami but none of us would claim this dork I guar-on-tee. Yes, God bless America where people have the right to say what they think but that doesn't preclude my right to say I think what you think is shit. = )

                    • MIAMI

                      LOL easy prays. How's the weather in Liberty City forge? LOL

                    • MIAMI

                      **preys ( as per the chick at the library )

                    • its_forge

                      LOL that you think you're doing anything but making a complete idiot of yourself. Try again scrotum-nose, I'm not an undocumented immigrant or a person of color and I'm not unemployed or homeless.

                    • MIAMI

                      LOL sorry, how's the weather in Florida city then? Next time you're in the Gables, I might let you cut my grass, but please don't steal anything like the last time i picked you and your brother up in front of Home Depot. LOL

                    • MIAMI

                      Are you implying my nose is full of wrinkles? good one Folgers

                    • McBeastie

                      Finally something that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on: MIAMI is an asshole.

            • chrisdg74

              Personally, I found 25(and #8) hilarious. I'm white(your typical WASP – White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)(though since I spend a lot of weekends outdoors, I do have a tan), not really Republican, not really Democrat(though my views are skewed more to the "left"). I happen to hold opinions that fall on both sides of the aisle(i.e. – pro-guns AND pro-choice), depending on the subject. I can poke fun at everything/one (including myself), because I don't take life too seriously. That is probably why most of us come to theChive. We don't take shit (or ourselves) too seriously. You will see my name all over the site. It's great for taking a quick break from the workday (50+ hours/week in I.T. BTW – yeah, waiting for my welfare check *rolls eyes*).
              But I digress.
              Bottom line: If you don't like the site, don't come to the site. Oh, and to quote MiPo – "go fuck yourself". Today, I'm gonna flip between Fox News and MSNBC and make fun of everyone before driving to my son's high school soccer game this afternoon.

              • b0b

                Personally, I just don't like you.

        • DaddyD

          Leftist? Yes, although I prefer the term "liberal." Afraid of loosing my food stamps? Nope. I make over $100,000 a year as a self-employed consultant and trainer.

          I note as well that you prefer to attack me as a person rather than respond to the main point that I made.

          Re sense of humor … have you ever traveled outside the USA? On average, we are much heavier. It is noticeable. Beside, how do you know it was a non-American that made that photo?

          • Htownpunk

            You do have a point there that I definitely agree with. You should NOT have been attacked personally……….that is generally something reserved for liberals to do once THEIR argument inevitability fails. You deserve an apology.

            • MIAMI


        • its_forge

          Fuck you and your goddamn idiotic talking point assumptions. People who think paying taxes is their patriotic duty and not OMG SOSHLIZM GOVERMINT TAKIN MA MUNY are absolutely nothing like what Fox News told you to think they are, so stick that bullshit up your ass. So you think people who were screwed over by Goldman Sachs and can't get a job should just starve and die, right? And people who've been injured and can't work? Line 'em up and shoot 'em so they're not a burden on the rest of us, right? Yeah take that shit and go to hell where you're headed anyway because JESUS SAID WE SHOULD GIVE A FUCK.

    • Jim Duncan

      All worthy points. They tend to get lost in translation when you act like an arrogant prick though.

    • P-90

      Er….English (Or the British as a whole) officially have the healthiest teeth on the planet.

      • Beau_INAF

        Thank you for defending the honor of British teeth everywhere… p.s.: it's the internet, nobody cares.

        • P-90

          I know , a fact on an interweb message board, what was I thinking.

      • its_forge

        They're first in dentistry and dead last in orthodontics. = )

        • P-90


    • Terry Burke

      holy crap every body shut up! its the chive! its not a political site. its like family guy, it offends everyone

      • Libertariandude

        The problem with Family Guy is that it's unnecessarily offensive without being funnier because of that…
        OK, this has nothing to do with the post.

  • ...

    I'm really not liking this new way of sharing photos

    • Alex


  • sdfgh

    free hugs

  • Sauru

    pointing out everything taxes are used for

    • TatersMcGee

      Municipal taxes are for those things, not federal taxes. The picketers are complaining about out of control federal taxes. Municipal taxes are ok with most conservatives.

  • Antoxx18

    Who's 41? I must know!

  • chuck

    I thin we should have an entire post devoted to number 4

    • DaddyD

      Two posts. One for each side.

  • Nelson Costa

    #4 – i'll take a dozen. very tight

    #50 – and you girls say there are no gentlemen left? look at him carrying his lover in his arms B)

  • irmantas

    last one is from lithuania 😀

  • MiPo

    Not now chief, I'm in the fuckin zone

    I F wording love the Chive….statements of the week

  • Jim Duncan

    #22 is funny…that is exactly how the USA has tried to solve the Irsaeli/Palestinian conflict from day one!

    • its_forge

      Well, not any more actually, now they just host the two respective leaders and sit by while one says "blah blah blah concessions" and the other says "blah blah blah sovereignty" and the first one says "blah blah blah settlements" and then they all yawn and go home and do things the exact same way the've been doing it since 1967.

      • Jim Duncan

        '67? Try '47, when Palestine was first "partitioned" by the UN.

        • its_forge

          Hey thanks, I guess I was thinking of when Israel just rolled right the hell over them and said "and all this is ours too."

  • Jonathan

    Free Hugs is so freakin hot. I apologize for stating the obvious, but unfortunately you're all going ot have to deal with it every time it gets reposted here.

  • man man

    #25 They tuk are jobs!

  • wtfe

    #25 = means to say that these people are protesting to cut taxes when in fact taxes paid for the roads, sidewalk, street signs, street lights, electricity to power the street lights…etc.

  • Dario

    #48 may look bad, but he’s one of the funniest comedians we have here in Brazil

    • guest2

      that explains it 😛

  • chrisdg74

    40 – If you can carry it in a fanny-pack…'s not a REAL dog.
    43 – It does what it's told.

    • northerner

      #40, Amen, Bro!

  • Bobba Fett

    Pretty sad week.
    Americas fattest people, and cutey Nat Portman.
    Somehow I expected more.
    Also, I like toast.

    • HellHath NoFury

      I like turtles.

  • steve

    who is #35?

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