Photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • john


    • Wil

      Are you talking to a pic? 0_0

    • Jus

      she needs to send some more!!!

  • Beau_INAF

    You could've just reposted the entirety of sexy chivers as photos of the week. THUMBS UP IF YOU'RE WITH ME?!?!?!?!

    • Marry me?

      #13 – I love you…..

  • ken

    WHO IS NUMBER 13?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Mac

    #42 Hakuna Matata!

  • Joel

    Well, Mr. Belding, at least you still have a Neo-Geo. You better have Aero Fighters on there.

  • Wil

    Ok I gotta say… doesnt #22 look like the late John Candy? 0_0

    He did die, he just moved to the States and apparently became a woman LOL

    We miss ya John! 🙂

  • MaileD

    #13- your body says 22 but your face says 14…that could be good or bad
    #29- is that suppose to be Till from Rammstein for Steve Buscemi???

  • markkens

    13+14= happy meal.

  • Tiggo Bittie

    I wonder if #38 hates the Chive iPhone App like the rest of the world???

  • bob

    25: the taxes that paid for the items depicted are predominately transportation taxes IE gas tax (as in what you pay at the pump).

    IE: not income tax.

    Learn some fucking civics before trying to belittle people who want to keep more of what they earn.

    • its_forge

      Those people don't want to pay ANY taxes, Hommes.

    • its_forge

      Bob, Teabaggers want an end to all taxation. Learn something about ignorant white middle-class Astroturf protester morons before you start posting.

  • Derek

    Goddamnit #38… I'm at work…

  • JamesNs

    #27 Photoshop is going to make history in the future very hard to determine what is actually real ^^

  • Curious Cat

    Can ANYONE tell me what's going on in 24 it looks like the guy is just levitated over everyone

    • Beau_INAF

      That's about it, yes.

  • Beau_INAF

    Yes, they B an L into her shake and she's drinking it for #31

    For your second paragraph, I see what you're getting at, but I lost you when "wrestly jimmy" came out.

  • Keith

    I don't get #1

    • Tony Miteff

      That's Mr. Belding. He used to be principal at Bayside High School.

  • JoeJoe

    Who is the guy with Natalie Portman?

  • Tony Miteff

    what i wouldn't give to be a bartender in 36, just to here the stories.

  • Sam Taylor

    Hey #13, 1- you're hot, 2-you have the same phone as me =)

  • Libertariandude

    #13, 35 and 38, I surely have room for seconds.

  • its_forge

    #25 Also not shown, billions in tax breaks given to Wal-Mart so they can make their prices lower and sell that Made by Slave Labor in Hong Kong folding chair and that Made by Slave Labor in Hong Kong US flag to you for a price you can afford.

  • its_forge

    13) You're lovely honey, now some words of advice: All men are scum and NONE of them are worthy of coming within ten feet of your adorable little body; don't go through life thinking you can get anything you want by strategic deployment of your cuteness; make sure you stay in school and get a real career; and for Chrissake develop some cultural awareness so you don't end up thinking Selena Gomez is an actual musical artist. Thanks, have a good life.

    • MiPo

      Hey hey hey, I completely agree with you but my little estrogen filled maniacs here disagree with the Selena comment

      • its_forge

        Even my 7 year old granddaughter thinks Selena needs to get better writers and producers. = )

  • kenny

    #4- Wow. Not much more to say than that. Just wow

  • denzelou

    where are you chive owners?

    sometimes I think you forget that you have a web site to run, or I imagine you're on a boat passing holidays and cheking you google adsence, when it does't fill as quick you post some new posts and go on

  • Really?

    #13 has a shitty phone.

  • William

    Actually "Bob" you really smart "guy", the roads and other city expenses ARE taken from our STATE income you idiot… the taxes we pay at the pump go straight to the pockets of the FEDERAL government… civics, what an idiot maybe you should o your research guy

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