Baby owls are the new kittens (27 Photos)

  • markus

    that's just about fucking adorable

    • boo

      dom ass

  • dorian

    they might grow up to be vicious predators, but in the meantime, I wants one

    • northerner

      Unless you have a containment area for them, like some sort of a cage big enough for a bird of its size, you wind up with owl poop all over your house…just sayin'. Yeah, they are major cute. They got me with the last pic…and the "tickle time" one…

  • alysinwunderland

    adorable until they claw the shit out of you

  • Pancho

    I'll just add this to my list of awesome animals I want to have, so far including anteaters, sloths and tarsiers 😛

  • saltygary

    Real cute until they shit partially digested mice.

    • MikeofLA

      The actually vomit up "owl pellets". Just sayin

    • Hairy Butts

      you're talking about owl pellets which are regurgitated not defacated.

  • Joe

    I hope people are not taking these as pets! because that is wrong! they belong in the wild.

    • rowland

      wrong, they belong next to me on the couch watching Futurama and being adorable

    • dennis

      they belong in a secret pocket in my jacket. I shall call him Mr. Tickles and secretly feed him crackers at Starbucks

      • Paul Lindblad

        Your comment made me LOL. I've seen that happen before tho it wasn't an owl.

        • Beau_INAF

          Let me be the one to ask… well then what the hell was it?

  • tommybhoy

    Will they deliver my mail to me?

  • Kenny


    • Del

      I see what you did there…

    • ryan

      is there an echo in here?

      and by echo, I of course mean the dolphin

  • gator

    nice set of h00ters you got there

    • Hez26

      respect mon…

    • northerner

      dude, that was BAD…lol!

  • sariley

    Arg I wish I could find the full resolution version of #2! Its perfect 🙂

  • acash

    #15 "I see what you did there…"

  • DemonSpawn

    #27 Happy owl is happy…..

  • MikeofLA

    #3, the one on the right looks like he's watching 2g1c

  • equalizermax

    #7 – Did you change my password?

  • DixonOrmus

    couldnt stop staring at the missing fingertip in #10. perhaps its in the owl moms partially digested owl pellets

    • Clay Cullen

      I missed that one until you said something! WOW. Maybe they also teach woodshop?

  • BigDingo

    do want

  • Generino

    One thing. MOAR!

  • Anonymous

    gah! i want one so bad!

  • fibonacci5150

    I'm gonna make a killing with something I call Furby

  • Simona Shmoopy

    some of them creep the shit out of me with those creepy big eyes

  • Hez26

    11 is a beauty

  • bubblerider86

    want!…. and they shall be mine!

  • babymistakes

    I saw #11 one time. On a sidewalk in the middle of the night. I thought it was a baby at first. It just stared at me. It terrified me to the core.

    • MiddleLane

      Was David Bowie there as well asking if you by any chance had a baby brother?

  • northerner

    They probably don't give a…hoot what we think…

  • gliese

    The best part is that not all these owls are babies. Some species are just adorably tiny all their lives :3

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