Daily Afternoon Randomness (38 Photos)

  • P-90

    #3 'You're powers are weak old woman'.
    #14 Awww cute.
    #31 ''Kin-Ell' she could poke someoneds eyes out with them.
    #38 Weirdly looks more like Daniel Radcliffe.

  • Die-NastY

    Dear Chive, Stop copying titles from Reddit and using them in the same pics that you got from the same site….

  • Dom

    It's two different styles of pizza. Apples and oranges fucktards. I'll take any thin crust from Chicago over that New York grease garbage. Let's see New York make a decent Chi style.

  • kingblc

    that pizza looks terrible. like vomit. Boo on Chicago style.

  • Pancho

    #36 looks like Edward Cullen dressed up as Emma Watson

  • thatwasntthequestion

    #36 is a dude. My gaydar went insane when I looked at shem.

  • kezon

    I think I just fell in love with #6

  • Sergio

    Well sweetie, I don't know about Emma Watson, but you surely remind me of Woody Harrelson, especially when he played that cross dresser in that Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson movie…

  • FuckOff

    #38- That's a casserole with a crust. Silly, confused Chicago!

  • Dalakman


  • boby13

    #36 kinda looks like a dude…

  • Alex

    I prefer thin crust. That's how actual pizza is supposed to be, anyways.

  • Sid

    #17 is a horrible fail. Those earrings don't go with that necklace at all.

  • Harry Satchel

    You should try getting a girlfriend. Or is that the problem?

  • Amina

    I wasn’t able to attend as I was ctmmitoed to a similar impromptu event (ironically, Also at a beach) and we had a bunch of children along as well. It’s great that parents are exposing their children to the lighter side of society. Maybe the next generation will be more light hearted and forgiving.

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