In Awesome we trust (25 photos)

  • j12goose

    The Duck Hunt tattoo is STILL kick ass…….

  • dellmar

    first !

    • Terry Burke


      • SweetAwesomeness

        you turd of misery!!!

    • DC Tur


  • tommybhoy

    Shit Happens……

  • Gibby

    #23 i remember the very first time i screen peeked…. Top Gun for regular nintendo… those were the days

    • nathan

      what the hell is screen peeking? and what is the purpose?

    • nathan

      wait I get it …its monday

    • crazy-commie

      I remember Top Gun. That game was awesome!!!

  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    #22, fuck yeah!
    and uh… i don't think #8 belongs here.

    • hypoluxa

      you have a problem with lil' Wayne, but you're cool with the white strawberrys . . . just want to be clear.

  • Kyle Retrato

    #23 : OMG. GENIUS.

  • David

    #12 name???? NOW or when ever anyone finds it…..

  • skotsour

    I NEED to know who #5 is….please!

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    23 – Player v Player?

    • Pete Ribaudo

      no thumbs down hes right…its keeping them from looking at eachothers screens lol

  • BigDingo

    awesome post is awesome

  • bob in accounting

    #21 I want those tits exposed.

    • HANK

      Ya me too but check out the background only place i've ever slept with walls like that…prison…guess thers always conjugal visits tho

      • James

        You see walls like that in Dorms all the time. I'll assume its a dorm…but more importantly bewbs.

  • krisb

    Long live the Turds Of Misery!

  • chrisdg74

    17 – AKA "The Shocker"

    • GrannY DanGer

      Oh thats what he was talking about?

    • Kjell King

      I have shocker gloves. the pointer and middle finger are colored pink, and the pinky is brown. Classy I know. True story!

  • coocoocuchoo

    is #24 real? whats the context?

  • Sizzle

    I know the Awesome Dad thing is shopped, but it's still awesome.

    What the hell is going on in 23?

    • Marcos Haubert

      They are playing agaisnt eachother splitscreen… If you have ever done so, you'll know how easy it is to see where the other player is…

      • Salporin

        I was playing Halo with my son and checked his screen to see where he was hiding. Watched myself walk right into his sights. Watched myself die. That'll teach me to cheat. Just so tempting with the split screen, though.

  • tommybhoy

    20- Alfred: do you realise how much of a dick people will think you are?
    Not your answer (which was awesome), but the umbrella and leather gloves might have something to do with it

  • freddy

    is that Andy Samberg's father in the last pic?

  • zym

    #7…god DAMN! That is all.

  • equalizermax

    MOAR picture in #21!

  • Kramer

    #7 is a man.

    • Libertariandude

      She's not a man. She's a well known model… whose name I can't remember, dammit.

  • petwookiee

    The best band you never heard… That would have to be the Turds…

  • Shane

    23 is the most professional shit I have seen in a long time.

  • Rhollmer

    #17 – LMAO!

  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    it's a good drawing, but the subject matter not so much.

  • hypoluxa

    really? . . . we're gonna go there huh? . . . yikes.

    • Gregory Nelson Courtney

      i'm entitled to my musical opinion. If i hear music i don't like, i don't listen to it nor do i idolize the singers or makers of said music. The fact that #9 is the white strawberries, not #22 and you clearly can't read numbers is enough to justify my response.

      • hypoluxa

        everything about you is awesome.

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