In Awesome we trust (25 photos)

  • FTMm

    Lil Wayne is a lil hobgoblin.

  • aosux

    And the Chive wants you…along with any other good lookin ladies out there.

  • Bacon

    #12's feet *fapfapfapfapfap*

  • BongPimper

    Turds of Misery…..sounds epic!

  • Lee

    Number 14 has duck hunt on one side and da cunt on the other.

  • Anon

    #7 is Larissa Riquelme (sp?)

  • Ross Huddleston

    #8 = negatory


    #8 probably inmate artists

  • Lokobo

    What's he smiling about? He sucks!

  • bktscrambler


    You should put a like/dislike button on each photo so we don't have to reference the numbers in the comments.

    Yes, I'm awesome.

  • Ken

    #8 is a FAIL

  • brooktown chiver

    #10 That's how I feel when I'm on the chive

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