The funkiest house in Tokyo (10 photos)

  • billyjones

    First !

    • Jaxk

      Gay !

      • billyjones

        So I love cock , get over it .

    • Dubya

      I'd thumb you down twice if I could d-bag


    wow..very small.
    snakes and ladders in real life..

    • Ralk

      Chutes and Ladders?

  • Dakota

    i like that they designed it so it'll be harder to fall down the stairs…

    • Beau_INAF

      But if you do fall, you pay dearly.

  • Ken

    Yeah good luck sofa up the staires!

    • Dakota

      outside stairs, shoving it through the windows, where there's a will there's a way.

  • Ilya

    would hate to be hammered trying to get around that place

  • T-Boz

    Imagine trying to get around that place drunk!

  • David Miller

    From the outside, reminds me of the house in Beetlejuice.

  • Katie

    The first thing I thought of when seeing this was "I wonder how a horror movie would be filmed here, so many stairs for the dumb blond who is about to die to be chased on…."

  • tommybhoy

    I judge most things on how it will be when I am almost blind drunk….this would be a challenge

  • MiPo

    Cool house, but i wouldn't want to live in it

  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    the lack of furnishing is a turn off… lol

    • Peri

      Lack of imagination is a turn off too buddy.

  • thetech2

    very white no contrast being an avid alcohol consumption artist or aaca for short it would be very challenging to find your way to the pisser after a night of fun

  • DixonOrmus

    well first thing i said was that it would be a bitch to get around that place all hammered up. then i thought i may have a problem but i see, thankfully, i wasnt the only one thinking that way. Chive has the best support groups

  • joey

    Room for one more?!

  • krzystoff

    without furniture, it's not a 'house' merely a shell, and difficult to visualize how anyone could live in it — the size is fairly common for a Tokyo house, but the abstract layout reduces the usable space even further.
    it may make a good student dwelling, with defined, private rooms for each resident, but as suggested above, not for students who enjoy a few Kirins after school…

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