Daily Afternoon Randomness (36 Photos)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27IOmm7zlCw TheTruthHurts

    #27-No you didn't

  • TheTruthHurts

    No you didn't.

  • cassidy

    #29- hell yea i would

  • MoD

    @29 Never! That is all.

  • Rquiem

    So 29…. you're name is Pete huh…… Nope wouldn't do you!

    36 on the other hand, (quote Lional Richie for truth:) "All night long, All night Loooohohohong".

  • guest

    36 – I"m not yet convinced. What else ya got?

  • frigoffrick

    Loony Toons?….90's? Someone fall asleep for 30 years?

  • therewasshrinkage

    #29 this is my forever resounding no and the reason for it

  • lukekw

    #29 Zoey D on steroids…..ahhhhh No.
    #36 SG's versus RF's…..different kinds of 'wicked'

  • http://www.facebook.com/gabriela.r.miranda Gabriela Robyn Miranda

    #26: What a fucking dumbass, she probably killed a dog who already had a home. *facepalm*

  • jdr

    #29 – Not a chance in hell ………….

  • Stupendous

    #15 #23 FTW!!!

  • bob

    36… i'd bend ye fine fanny o'er the throne o' thine lord and have ye thrice afore noon.

  • Grumpyass

    #9 – Yeah, sure you just happened upon this fatty. Come on, that's your girlfriend isn't it? Out for a nice fucking day at the seaside right? Yeah, I'm onto you…chubby chaser. You make me sick.

  • P-90

    #11 Being English I haven't had to put up with Beiber and Palin that much (Apart from Palin's outrageous disgusting lies about the wonder that is the NHS) but this picture even scared the hell out of me sending a cold shiver down my spine.
    #21 That's not a big drum, that's a tiny man with cotton buds standing in front of a christmans pudding.
    #29 Good God no. (I bet 'she' stands when having a piss)

  • Hannar

    steam girls are way better than 36 :/

  • Let's go


  • greg

    #36 looks more like a Oktober fest girl than a renaissance girl. FAIL, you faker

    • kitty

      she is..haha i know her and she was supposed to be Gretel. BTW she has no idea how her pic got on this site bc her name isnt kelly!

      • terra

        dude. kitty. do you know who posted my photo? I don't even know where they would've gotten it!

  • Harkin

    The bartenders are from Colorado Springs. I am in Afghanistan and miss them.

  • PuckBunny16

    19 is terrifying.

  • TwoEdge

    #30 is a quote from Carlton on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" 🙂 I thought that was hilarious!

    The Ren Faire girl needs more bust exaggeration. It looks like her vest is squishing her gifts down XP

  • BlueZoo

    Whats so fuck then

  • Libertariandude

    29: no no no no no

  • hbomb

    your such a dick chive!! i started telling people of this october phenomenon before i got to the end of todays randomness..thanks for making me look like a douche

  • hamill

    anybody else notice the swastika in the background of 25? haha

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