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Hot Russian hacker arrested for stealing millions (10 photos)

Kristina Svechinskaya is one of nine people arrested Oct 1 in connection with a series of cyber bank robberies involving more than 80 defendants. Long story short, a group of co-ed Eastern European hackers installed the, nicknamed, Zeus Trojan within 5 banks that infiltrated and stole private account information. Kristina was one of the "mules" that assisted in opening multiple bank account to route the stolen loot. Blah blah blah -she's hot. Read more from a real news source here

Now every guy has a scale of 10 to rate hotness and it’s a widely accepted fact that sports stars and celebrities get a couple extra points on the 10-Scale because they are on the talky-box. Does Kristina get bonus points for being involved with hackers? I give her a 9.

  • jason pc,fl.

    i cant tell, she definatly believes in covering up… lose some layers and maybe a better score.

  • bob in accounting

    my question is if people voted her as 4 and below, then im assuming their scales go deep into negative numbers for actually ugly girls.

  • BigDingo

    no RAM, hard drive, floppy disk or megabyte jokes?

  • wendle

    i only give her a 7 due to the fact it's kristina with a "k"…damn you ms hayes!

  • Kjell King

    Am I the only one who thinks she has an abnormally large noggin? Like an orange on a toothpick.

  • ZeruHakuLimited

    Although it could be a hoax (hackers don't put their true identity in public places)…
    I'd rather "hack" her.

  • bangtrain15

    i bet shes hotter than she looks here. i don think the pictures are doing her any justice in most cases. definately not shoped like so many other

  • n1ghtstalker

    Hot and Nerdy!! If your reading this love, I want to √ ur π

  • dietroll

    haters gonna hate

  • mewfacekilla

    if i give mila kunis an 8…then she is definitely 5 – 6 tops. I find anna chapman, the seductive russian spy, to be hotter than this chick.

  • Freddy

    I'd definetally RAM my floppydisk in her harddrive. BAM!

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