Hot Russian hacker arrested for stealing millions (10 photos)

Kristina Svechinskaya is one of nine people arrested Oct 1 in connection with a series of cyber bank robberies involving more than 80 defendants. Long story short, a group of co-ed Eastern European hackers installed the, nicknamed, Zeus Trojan within 5 banks that infiltrated and stole private account information. Kristina was one of the "mules" that assisted in opening multiple bank account to route the stolen loot. Blah blah blah -she's hot. Read more from a real news source here

Now every guy has a scale of 10 to rate hotness and it’s a widely accepted fact that sports stars and celebrities get a couple extra points on the 10-Scale because they are on the talky-box. Does Kristina get bonus points for being involved with hackers? I give her a 9.

  • aosux

    "Hack the world!"

    • nathan

      its "hack the planet" ya dunce!

  • Dakota

    i give her an 8… she's got a cute face and a nice body, but not nearly enough curves.

    • dietroll

      mmm curves… your curves.

    • johndory

      she's a computer nerd ffs. Thats gotta be close to the best you'll find of their kind!

  • hyuck hyuck hyuck

    Nerd and hot. That's two scales combined to a 18/10.

  • osborl12

    7.5 Kinda hot, but if I heard her Russian accent, I'm sure she could climb the ladder of hotness by a rung and a half.

  • tommybhoy

    Score 8/10 Ctrl+Alt+Fap

    • Mokuseitora

      what model keyboard you got… mine doesn't have a fap button… (dammit some mac genius he was when he sold it to me).

  • stefanhartman

    My check card was fraudulently charged twice last month. Wonder if she was involved. I'll accept reimbursements from her in cash or blowjobs.

  • mattythegooch

    I wish I had another set of hands… I could give her 4 thumbs down. Not hot!!

    • dietroll

      Take your medications.

    • Tsjaboom

      coincidentally you also appear to have 4 thumbs down

    • simtafa

      you know how I know you're gay.

  • John

    If she were a hacker, shed be a 9. Shes not a hacker tho, she just opened a few accounts. so 5

    • Terry Burke

      you might say, she hacked the accounts…. hmmmmm

    • doe

      same for me

  • Gonzo

    I gave her a 6. Most Ruskie broads have that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome look, that I don't dig. Ya dig?

    • Jimmy

      oh, really? then probably you've never been to Russia. if I werent there I would agree. travel more, dudes. get out of your minnesotas.

  • Big E

    Add to cart

  • The Dude

    Does not seem like a hacker more like a patsy who opened bank accounts.

  • Diggler

    Nice mom jeans she has on…

  • Virulent87


  • MeisterMon

    Not Hot… Sure I'd like to bang the crap out of her, but then you wake up to find that your house has been robbed, your bank account is drained, your credit cards are maxed, and you have just been signed up for the Columbia House DVD club!!!


    • Jen

      ughhhh…the columbia house dvd/cd club.

  • tazz

    i gave her an 8…she cannot be properly rated without a shot of her in tight jeans from behind so all of her ASSets can be taken into consideration

  • vince

    I started looking through her photos, but lost interest.

    (rim shot)

  • Pasty64

    If she was a true Hacker not just a mule it would up her hottness

  • damn

    I'd poke her in the pooper.

  • denzelou

    I think it's a hoax, who a hacker have all this pictures on the net? it's a risk for a hacker to put picture of her self on the net, either in social networks or other web sites

  • Mirror Man

    I’d let her violate my privacy.

  • Damien

    I love russian girls…. but this ones just not that hot. Awesome Hack job though.

  • Da SAnd

    having 2 boobs counts as being hot nowadays…

  • MoD

    So she’s not really a hacker – just a hot chick that knows how to open bank accounts – which let’s be honest isn’t exactly rocket science.

  • northerner

    Whoa. Dude. Mean…chill…

  • crazy2


    • Jimmy

      *raises eyebrows* no…please tell me what they do…slowly…B)

    • dietroll

      they fuck you in the driveway?

    • Avante

      Make you cook for the ??

      • top dog

        She'll be making fuck movies all day.

        • Speedy

          and hopefully they release them to the public.

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