More poor women of the “future lower back problems” club (25 Photos)

  • Admirer

    Because she's…um….hot!

  • battleangel

    It's upper back problems. Unless you have saline which are pretty light. If they're real you also have a humped back to look forward too.

  • Skedaddle to Seattle

    Love the fact that we all have our own favorites, but #3 ❤ and #13 :p kill it. Come visit the Great Northwest!

  • DB3

    6 11 23 is the HOTTEST gurl to ever Bless the Chive with her photossss… call me 😉 ha

  • mike you


  • MOAR

    MOARR #8

  • zedition

    Are my eyes off here, or is #17 Bridget Regan?

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    I grew mine in when I was still in grade school. And now I already have back problems because of the things. And they smack me in the face when I exercise. No, you may not watch. Unless it's Jared Padalecki. He can watch.

  • Besley

    #10 – Winter Pierzina. I apologize for posting it again but when you reply to someone it seems to hide it unless you specifically click on see replies.

  • glee

    the brunette's in this spread are all rockin it no doubt. #8 and 10, super hot.

  • Psarae

    10 is pretty cute.

  • Dave

    Nice eye candy but too much silicone.

  • Tech Guy


  • mrnitropb

    … I'll be in my bunk.

  • Jonathan

    OMG #4 – merry christmas indeed!

  • stephen

    No.5 and 8 are totally hot! we need more like them!

  • Maynard B

    Oh Jessica. You are flawless.

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  • David

    #6 Hot damn!

  • Robin Hawkins

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  • Harre Downey

    #10- there is no substitute for large natural jugs!!!

  • tomasher

    #8 is fantastic, except for her beer choice.

  • Ant

    #18 and 19 are smoking hot!!!!

  • Ant

    #19 needs her picture up too. Way too hot!!!!

  • Betrusco

    #8 she’s got a Idon’tknowwhatthatIdon’tknowhow, other than the obvius reasons hehehe, that make her my favorite off the pack…
    #19 is a Mexican actress… Her name? Ninel Conde… Nice to see her here ;-]

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