Some strange dude emailed us tonight and I couldn’t help myself (1 email exchange)

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Every now and then we get some angry emails here at theChive for one reason or another. Sometimes we post the email exchanges and tonight we had a real live wire on our hands. I'm sure the fact that we're posting this won't help matters but this guy has it comin'...

  • MadMod

    I almost died🙂

  • Marques Shaw

    Is this a fake like the Farmville Girl?


    […] Some strange dude emailed us tonight and I couldn’t help myself (1 email exchange) […]

  • Daris

    I've never posted a comment on here before but I just accidentally shit a little from laughing so hard so I felt compelled to give props. Seriously. Laughed so hard I pooped. At work. Not even mad about it.

  • Ben from Aus

    JESUS, y u no longer do miracles..?

  • Liveone

    Never posted on a blog before, but couldn't stop laughing!
    More please!

  • Rob Rasner IMDB

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  • Truk

    So much for freedom of religon or frr speech

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  • Katie

    I'm a Christian and I still think this is funny. If God didn't have a sense of humor then why did he give one to us? I am pretty sure my favorite father and son team think this is hilarious!

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  • Alex

    well if you're going to hell, this is the way to do it

  • Hound_Dog

    I see what you did there!

  • Rogue

    Love it

  • Jefffro

    You sir, are my hero!!! It's self-righteous pricks like this that make me never want to step in a church again. "You will face the united protests of our parishioners", I bet you guys are shaking in your boots haha. Where do these fucking idiots get off. This isn't 1965 anymore when you can be destroyed by angry white Christians because you're an atheist, a minority, or homosexual. I'm sure this guy probably sits around with his pasty white do-gooders talking about other religious fundamentalists "Surely going to hell-a!". I'm not an atheist by any means, but I don't subscribe to this asshole's sense of lunacy. Well played Chive!!!

  • Keith_D

    Holy shit, I can't tell you how hard I laughed. You made my already great day even better, Chive

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