Robot Robin Hood is self aware (10 photos)

Singularity took one step closer to becoming reality recently when researchers at the Italian Institute of Technology revealed a program that allows a robot to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow! The algorithm, called ARCHER (Augmented Reward Chained Regression), was developed to allow the humanoid robot iCub to teach itself archery. The robot, aka iCub, dressed in a dollar-store feathered head dress and armed with a toy bow and arrow, took just eight attempts to find the bullseye by adjusting its trajectory after every shot. "Acquiring new motor skills involves various forms of learning. The efficiency of the process lies in the interconnections between imitation and self-improvement strategies," researchers said in a release. "Similarly to humans, a robot should ideally be able to acquire new skills by employing such mechanisms." Supplied by

  • Blip

    T-800's can't be too far off now

  • sham

    that guy probably gets that robot to touch him…

  • Where in the WORLD

    useless. Find the cure for cancer there doc

    • MIKE

      Robotics Engineers don't do Cancer

      • NoWorkNoPlay

        Thank you =).
        Actually a really cool thing, it's not the aspect of hitting the bulls-eye but a new approach of reinforced learning for the robot.

        • dubya

          Way to keep the comments funny NoWorkNOBODYgivesAshit!!

    • brandon

      there's already a cure for cancer, Chuck Norris tears, to bad he never cries

  • Crystal

    Fantastic. Now we have robots that can shoot people to death with pointy sticks.

    • garp

      …better that than attacking them with fresh fruit

  • t2000h8tr

    Does anyone else see the problem with teaching robots to use weapons accurately ? Robots can already beat us at chess and their AI is progressing much faster than human intelligence. Once we teach them to self-replicate the apocalypse will follow shortly…It's obvious that aarrrrrrrghhhhh

    • Skynet

      There isn't a single supercomputer out there which is even close to as advanced as the human mind. They may be able to process algorithms faster but they are unable to use heuristics or make critical decisions. No AI within the foreseeable future will be able to outsmart the human mind. Read more, watch less movies. You have nothing to worry about.. human. Ooops, did that slip out?

  • MiPo

    You have a robot shooting an arrow…Is the headdress really necessary??

    • youdummy

      Yes. Yes it is.

    • Ninja master

      Of course it is, it makes it racist.

  • stafferty

    God damn it, now we are either going to die in nuclear war or have to listen to that whiney little bitch John Connor. I'm wraping myself in tinfoil now so the robots won't know I'm human.

  • amanda

    You guys should find out what self aware actually means. A robot playing out an algorithm is not.

    • etchasketchasaurus

      heeeeeeey, you're not in the kitchen! it's a photo blog, not popular mechanics….

    • Dirty Sanchez

      Twas a joke, you tit.

  • MigraineBoy

    That one will be the T-1000's cabanaboy.

  • BigDingo

    god help us all

  • FLHomesteader

    ….Did anyone actually watch the video of this little guy?

    You do realize that he may be able to calculate and "learn" about trajectory and velocity. But someone still has to put the arrow in his hand.

    I wasn't impressed…

  • Asian Guy

    I think they made the Asian do all the work while the other guys went shopping at the dollar store

  • Phil

    Hmm a robot calibrating itself. Big deal. Self awareness isn't even slightly related. Maybe the header should read "Robot can learn" or something at least slightly accurate.

    Anyway… I'll be using a much bigger robot in a couple months… wewt.

  • R. Wiggum

    The beginning of the end.

  • dubya

    Pedo Bear Happy!!!

  • equalizermax

    Next, we need to teach those robots to serve beer…

  • yoda

    it wont be long until robots take over the world now that they have weapons

  • b0b

    Pay no attention to me. I'm just a lonely, douchey, little troll. I hide in closets with Gibby and we fap in the dark with mom's bras on out heads. That is,l when we're not getting the shit kicked out of us at school.

  • Eugene Chang

    That is great, advanced robotics & programming but no video.

  • ely whitley

    Why is it called Robin Hood and then dressed as an indian (NA of course)? Wouldn't have been able to hide for long in Sherwood Forest looking like that.

  • FailRater

    haven't these people seen the futuristic documentarys like Terminator and Transformers?

  • Ryan White

    dude skynet already began, but it's called google

    • chrisdg74

      Well played, sir. Well played.

  • SMJL

    Why would you teach them how to use weapons?! o.0

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