Suggestive foods are the best foods (22 Photos)

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  • JDub

    is #6 what happens after #2 ??

  • spykee

    #14 is a brand from india yeah……….weird names are a plenty here 🙂

  • Mirna


  • Sofy

    GREAT post! Daniel and I also read a LOT of books during our egemgnaent. Communication is so important, and a tremendous amount of marital arguments have probably arisen for all of us simply due to lack of communication. I also agree with the cutting the apron strings point. Thankfully, we are both very independent people (and always have been), so this one really isn’t an issue for us. However, we have seen friends who call their parents and then they all team up against the spouse. Daniel and I actually have the same love languages (which is apparently uncommon) quality time and words of affirmation. Our 4 year wedding anniversary is coming up next month, and I continue to feel more blessed each and every day!

  • Rohit

    Makes me think about last summer. I was eaintg a banana on the way to work and threw the peel out the window. Looked in my rear view mirror and a red Miata was coming around the corner. He swerved around it like his life depended on it. I was thinking “he played Mario Kart as a kid” lol

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