The “Cigar man” meme, courtesy of our Chivers (33 Photos)

I asked and you delivered. Thanks for all your submitted photos. We must do this again sometime.

  • Viper

    Hahaha finally one of these meme's thats actually funny.

  • Seth

    Chivers, great job at doing better then the previous attempts at this.

  • Colby Clark

    i dont get number 20… someone care to elaborate on it?

    • Dan

      cropping error? not sure…

  • exexec

    I knew it would only be a matter of hours/days before this guy showed up here…

  • Bryan

    i finally made the chive! marilyn "cigar man" monroe is mine lol. by the way the rest of these are hilarious.

  • sham

    i want to know who he really is and buy him a dos equis..

  • Cheech?
  • justsaying

    Saw a news article that asked why he had a cigar in his mouth since you cannot smoke on the course. Same article figured it was the same reason the white guy in the second shot was wearing an afro-wig baseball cap.

  • Hamlap

    #33 Cigar man for president!!!

  • Spliggs

    I lol'd for 2,12,16,18 but there are several that are pretty funny.

  • stafferty

    I don't have photoshop, but I would do it on Vinny Chase's face from Entourage. (extra points if you add Struting Leo, Sad Keanu, and Pedo Bear)

  • RaleighRock

    My first photo submission…18 and 27! Woohoo!

  • Kresho

    this is shopped, i can tell it by the pixels

  • equalizermax

    I don't get #20???

  • rindustry

    #32…..what a bunch of douchebags. Nice hat, dude.

  • Eli

    Yeah! My submissions made it! #1 & #7!

    • DemonSpawn

      Ya that Jordan one had me lol'ing pretty good. Good stuff.

    • Moose

      #7 killed me. Nice job.

    • Derek

      i submitted 3 different ones and only see one of them (#2)…and that one took about 10 seconds to make. fucking chive didn't even post the better ones…i wonder if they even look at the pictures half the time.

    • Mom

      Great job Eli! These were really good.

  • tae

    #20 sideways

  • BigDingo

    he gets around hey

  • mattythegooch

    pretty shitty skills on most of these. Number 3 is truely worthy of a "golf clap".

  • cigarman

    number 24 with Castro is classic. 2 cigar aficionado's

  • Derek

    how does something like #20 even happen, don't they double check the stuff they post?

  • Gus

    #8 is mine. I didn't mean for it to be in the cigar-man meme. I just sent it in for fun. That's Robert Downey Jr. but cigar-man is in the pic (go ahead, find him). Like the second placers at the Oscars say "It's an honor just to be chosen".

  • Coldzilla

    LOL saw him in the pic with Tiger on The Chive just the other day. That same evening he was featured in the collage behind Wilbon on PTI and even HE didnt know who he was..LOL

  • cigar man

    Can someone please make a dramatic cigar man video and put on YouTube…Based off the dramatic chipmunk video….That would be funny as hell lol

  • Guest

    Those were so FUNNY!!!!

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