Hot Right Now: If you’re hungry for some selfies get in here (61 Photos)

What’s your guilty pleasure, Chivers? Send it in right now! (65 Photos. SESSION CLOSED!)

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Ok Chivers, you're bored at work so let's have some fun here. We all have our guilty pleasures, what's yours? Just send us the photo (feel free to include captions) using our handy-dandy upload page or thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Bob and I are standing by and will post your photos as soon as they come in. Get moving, Chivers! Do it for your county!

Chive On!

UPDATE: SESSION CLOSED! Thanks to all the Chivers for participating in this lil' science experiment. Check in next week, same bat time, same bat channel.

  • Cqcumber

    epic underboobs….just fucking epic….

  • B-zzle

    18…you got quite the perky set of ta-ta's…amazing!! we need more!!

  • @Russelbutt

    #57 Son-In-Law

    also add: Encino Man, Jury Duty, Bio-Dome and every other Pauly Shore movie from that era.

    • Alycia

      Im so glad someone agreed with me🙂

  • therewasshrinkage

    how i met your mother and battlestar galactica are quality shows, let no one tell you otherwise

  • http://etrue.yeye they do ooo ooo

    hall & oates kick ass!

  • Astarte

    52 – AGREED!

  • P-90

    There's nothing wrong with liking Katy Perry or the Marx Brothers.
    Phineas and Ferb FTW.
    #56 I think Deadpool send that one in.

  • kurt

    #15 is such a win😄

  • Tatts

    Am I the only one that thinks #38 is a fucking psychopath…and kind of awesome.

  • poolshrk

    #5 Kevin Smith F.T.W.!!!!!!!!! PM4L, I'm bringing it back!

  • Pat

    # 40 …. Mine Too!

  • Dave

    im with #52!!!!!!!

  • Coldzilla


    And HIMYM shouldnt be a "guilty" pleasure😉

  • babymistakes

    Haha, oh come on, #64 is hilarious.

  • Sizzle

    When flight attendants fart while walking down the aisleways of a plane they call it "crop dusting."

    My guilty pleasure? After a particularly stressful week at work I like to spend my Friday night alone playing Civilization IV and drinking beer.

    …I'm a 24 year old chick.

  • oakXXIII

    shame on you bud light lime…any beer with "light" in the name and a fruit is most definitely not a beer…its a cocktail…jesus, at least drink a lager and lime…there is no excuse for light beer

  • Annie Marie Morris

    #33 and #53

  • boredatwork

    #31, echo that. I am a simple man with simple needs…. and that is one of them.

  • AmyLee

    #49 I LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Always Last


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