Would you? (9 Photos)


  • Ghost-of-Caesar



    My BIGGEST fear would be she rolls over in bed and I would suffocate – Hell YES!

  • Ralk

    I have to say it… This poor girl needs a breast reduction. She is going to be miserable..

  • klklklkl

    Its a TRAP!!!!! I'm not falling for this shit. That is a man baby!

  • comma sutra

    Why the hell not. I'm no Brad Pitt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000539478590 Paul Lindblad

    Yes, I love big TITS

  • Rolis

    why is that even a question, yes yes and yes, i think thats the major part of her body weight, like why wouldn't u should be the question

  • Phil

    Butterface! Luckily, there's so much awesomeness to be explored, my answer is "YES" Those are like Denise Milani sized. Although, Denise is WAY hotter.

  • RHINO420

    who doesn't love circus tits!????

  • MiPo

    When is she on display at the circus??

  • thetech2

    if you fix her teeth and get her some sun I would want to just to see those massive bags unleashed but no long term there is a fat girl in there just busting to get out pardon the pun

  • TBag

    Yes, a lot…

  • the_one

    the things i would do to her and those fun bags

  • Skedaddle

    my guess is she's 16 or so. Given that, nope. Don't need any jail time.

  • Spencer


  • wanderingsmartass

    probably not since I'm not fond of jail..

  • meh

    Pic #8-Her boobs are in the middle of her body?!?

  • Htownpunk

    Would I what? Thrust my member inside of her anus? Absolutely……

  • Rick

    out of curiosity yes, and out of sheer joy several times but i wouldn't marry her

  • John1984


  • andyg8180

    i would be too busy lmao'ing

  • fasterthanu

    Motorboat myself to sleep

  • Tex

    B/c of pictures 5 & 8, hell yeh I would. That little body with her well harvested sweater meat, DAMN ! She's kinda cute, like mid America 2 stoplights in the town,or your buddy in school. But yeh, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and maybe even a lil' missionary so that I can watch em rotate in opposite directions.

  • Scott

    Used to be a dude, wouldn't touch it with a giant redwood.

  • Captain Oscar


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