Would you? (9 Photos)


  • guest

    pigs pu$$y pork?! of course thos are some FUN bags!!


    who wouldn't?

  • Marcis

    hells yes i would!

  • Trey


  • DirtyDougie


  • http://theflashingscotsman.com Lester

    Yes, but it would be in spite of her boobs, not because of them.

  • me.

    Would I? Yes, in a heartbeat – and I do not like blonds.

  • Joe

    Pretty sure that's a dude

  • Dotson

    No, never. People can say "the bigger, the better" all they want but if you have seen massive tits up close and personal, they don't look pretty one bit; everything gets stretchout and gross, not to mention big boobs usually mean dinner-plate-sized nipples. Gross!

  • Jawbone

    No. "She" is obviously a guy with pillows shoved up under her shirt. Man jaw and all.

  • pismoduner

    hell yeah, if you wouldn't, you're probably gay

  • http://theflashingscotsman.com TheFlashingScotsman

    Yeah, but only from behind.

  • billy

    #5 Nom Nom Nom

  • Mike

    Who is she?

  • assmasterson

    Not with those fake tits.

  • Buffalo


  • Sambal Badjak

    Can I say Fuck No? She's a dog – big tits or not.

  • Tomx569

    Holy lower back problems Batman!

  • saveme

    if they double as flotation devices then, yes, I would make sweet sweet love to her

    and then apologize to my wife

  • TheMayans

    Nope. I bet her nipples are the size of dinner plates. Fuck that.

  • Princepaul

    All day everyday

  • sweetbru1

    Hell yeah.

  • akevantelico91

    Oh we shall miss your rack Annie Keenan. She could have at least gone down to a D instead of a C. >.<

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