• james

    that amount of money hasn't been invented

    • greg

      i dont always drink Dos Equis…. but when i do

    • cashewlvr

      Just one of the many perks of being a male hairdresser .

    • Dominique

      Adam Sandler got old FAST

    • tony

      i dunno.. kinda looks like 30 bucks in a back alley for all of them if u ask me

  • parker

    opulence, I haz is

    • Mike

      HAHAH i wanted to say that HAHAH ROFL!!

    • bob in accounting

      dammit i hate when i get beaten to the punch

    • Bob

      F U, I was all ready to post that.

    • petwookiee

      Add me to the list… Beat me to the punch as well 🙂

    • Baron Von Douche

      I was gonna reference that commercial, but i had no idea what the guy says. Good shit man

    • Yawn


      • workin_donkey

        So is your mother but I still tap that and say well done when it's deserved.

    • Steve

      beat me to it!!!

    • Summitgrad

      Exactly what hit me. Then I saw the demotivator with that line for this pic – it just fits.

  • Jspang

    cocaine is one hell of a drug

  • joshdyk87

    VH1's new reality series: Crackrock of Love

  • ill0gix

    In Soviet Russia, Models stalk YOU!

  • MarkAssBuster

    Hugh Heffners cousin gets a pity pic for his facebook page.

  • K94

    Amazing what photoshop can do nowadays.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    In Russia, Girls Next Door finds you!

    • P Diddily

      Worst Soviet Russia joke ever!

  • brandon

    LOST 2
    the man in black returns

  • Matt

    This is what happens when you forget to empty your cart before you buy at Russion Bride.

    • yup

      LMAO Awesome!

    • Grant


  • Dave

    Weekend at Bernie's 8

    • hughesy


  • stefanhartman

    Jeremy Pivon still uses his "I know Vinny Chase" line. Works every time.

  • H^S

    They can be bought with lottery winnings.

  • stafferty

    Who say money doesn't buy syphilis

  • Dakota

    two words: big dick.

    • Icabod Stone

      Yes Dakota, you called for me

      • dietroll

        1 inch is not big. Your argument is invalid.

    • Beau_INAF

      I somehow don't think it works quite that way. Just a suspicion I have.

    • skins

      thats 4 words

  • Todd

    "If you dont pose with me…you're dead like the one in blue!"

    • V4Vendetta14

      Hilarious!!! How dare anybody thumbs down that comment.

  • stefanhartman

    Weekend at Horny's

  • Jim

    Girl in Blue – "Penis goes where!?!"

    • 'Merica

      "Am I suckin my gut in far enough?" 😡

  • jonnyknuts

    I don't always take my shirt off…. but when I do, it looks horrible.

  • Dr. Cox

    This is what I did with my Scrubs money.

  • mattythegooch

    I'd buy that for a dollar……….speaking of which, can you spare a dollar?!

    • max


  • gator

    borats brother?……

  • Gregg

    "where are the other 34?"

    • andrea

      hahahahahahahahaha funny funny

    • dece

      ah this is a good one. or at least right idea. i feel like it could be better.
      i think it should incorporate that these are about the farthest from virgins one could get.

      • Gregg

        agree… glad some people got it… wasnt sure if it was too flimsy to make sense.

        please feel free to improve!

  • AJR

    And then I woke up…

  • Losifer

    Jigga who?

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