• FoxCassidy

    it appears the contestant from russia will be disqualified from this years miss universe contest due to her lack of proper swimwear… and excessive body hair.

  • dirtdiver

    My brotha my brotha, too easyyyyyy

  • Big Daddy

    2nd from left, "Is he drinking Diet Coke?"

  • J.M.

    Where's your gaggle of bitches? Oh, you don't have a gaggle of bitches? FYL

  • Gig 'em

    JUST WON THE LOTTERY!!!! Gone in 3-2-1…

  • Andrew

    Yep (burp), still got it…

  • WFH10

    When you're hot and have HIV… It's Sergio.

  • conrad

    Banana hands told me I would look cool to pose with my moms swim team ..

  • Tok-man

    Holy Shit! And all I did was lick my eyebrow…

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