Frog vs. Chipmunk, c’mon little guy! (12 Photos)

  • damon

    that was ribbiting

    • Avante

      nice one. you win

    • Picks

      oh god. Win.

    • DixonOrmus

      i see what u did there

  • tom

    that frog is a huge asshole

    • Homer

      Reminds me of my ex-wife.

      • WoogyMonster

        Mine too.

      • Ralk

        Me too…

      • Beau_INAF

        Yep, on that train.

      • Paul Lindblad

        Mine too

    • Ken

      …he types between bites of his cheeseburger….

    • king

      the rescue rangers are gonna fuck that frog up

  • hypoluxa

    slow day, eh Chive?

  • equalizermax

    I've seen this last week at Kuvat… late again chive…

    • drinkinguy

      what i do is let The Chive compile items from the internet so i don't have to waste my time trolling around. not everyone visits every site like you do so we rely on The Chive to bring us what it thinks we might like to see, even if it happened last week.
      Chive Rules.

      • ron

        Yes. Chive does rule. I get my grins all in ONE place. hells yeah.

      • Deeveeus

        right on drinking guy, i hate these knobs too! i actually have things to do in the day thats not searching the web…I'll let the chive filter me awesomeness!

      • AnyoneForCoffee


        Some of us have lives and don't have time to surf dozens of websites.

        Deal with it.

    • youdummy

      oooohhhh zing! You really got'em that time! I'll bet John is just sick! Poor guy, with the tears and the sulking and the not living with his parents.

    • dietroll

      Pointing out something against Chive rules turn you into an awesome fail.

  • DemonSpawn

    Glad the little guy won….always gotta root for the little guy!

    • big ol' toad dude

      unless your the big guy…….and happen to love frogs. just sayin'

  • stefanhartman

    He better call The Rescue Rangers. Get that frog put away for life. He's a danger to society.

  • mipo2010

    If this fight were to happen in a tree that frog would have gotten KTFO!

  • Jugg

    Damn, that chipmunk looks PISSED!

  • alysinwunderland

    i thought frogs ate bugs and shit. not frickin animals as big as themselves! maybe he thinks he's a snake.

  • stafferty

    Battle Toads Fail

  • ROK

    bullfrogs eat anything. that chipmunk was lucky that was a fairly small one.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    WTF was a chipmunk doing swimming in a lake anyway?

  • BigDingo

    what a champ

  • Lyrex

    Where is Marlin Perkins with the narrative when you need him?

  • Hez26

    ^was secretly hoping the frog won that battle……frogs gotta eat too!

  • Pops

    Damn. Poor frog lost his meal. I wouldn't wish a lost meal on anyone…..

  • Jeff Sayatovic

    Silly chipmunk. Youre a chipmunk. You dont belong in the water, you belong in trees and burrows and stuff!

  • Coldzilla

    Wheres a Ninja Turtle when ya need one…………

  • Mr. Dongle


  • Jonathan

    Hey chipmunk, get the fuck out of the water. You're not even a frog.

  • Clinic

    Poor little frog 😦

  • youdummy

    that chippy nearly croaked

  • bigdaddydrew

    So what does the frog do if it does get it all the way in? I mean cant that chipmunk burrow its way out of the frog ala "Alien"? I guess it would suffocate eventually but I would think the lil bastard would shred that frog's guts. Even if it didnt, what does the frog do…just wait for its juices to digest a meal as big as itself? Nature is friggin weird man….

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